Conviction and Judgement Rune, fast way to

I wasn’t sure what was the fascination about those combo is about until I’ve read " and reduces skill cooldowns by 15% - Oh. That’s nice.
So … about this little thingy (gold or purple) - What do you think is faster …
Chase my Masterpieces from 24>44 OR
Build my virtues from 272/261/233/309 to ALL 300 AND
And my Rapport From Amicable>Trusted (cca 75K rapport /37 legendary gifts)
There is a third option Hoard 27k green stronghold seals and check availability from merchant Marte
So what do you think it’s fastest way. Experiences?

In any case, I’m effed I know : )

Its no longer 15% isnt it after the balance patch, its 7.5%
Its easier to get 27k green seals then farming rapport with Mari


I just got my Legendary Judgement Rune this week from Masterpieces. Depending how far into the daily tasks you are for getting masterpieces (6 or 7 from there I think) I’d probably go for these. It’s the “cheapest” option. Plenty of easy ones to get but it’s obviously time gated. Otherwise if you have the seals just buy it I guess.

Not gonna lie though the masterpieces were idk a little bit of a pain in the ass but I just mapped out which ones I could get the fastest (So no sea bounties and I cbf with island souls right now) I ended up getting all the merchant ones, all the Cube, all the daily and all the rapport (which just happened naturally anyways). Then just got the last one from Mokoko. Maybe calculate the easiest ones to get to get to the 44 that you need and see if its worth or if it’s just better to hoard green seals. Honestly probably seals is least headache. I just already had like 32 or so when i decided to grind to 44.

Kicker is… and this is probably just cuz im using it on Deadeye as its recommended … It doesn’t feel that impactful. Prefer using the cooldown refresher rune tbh. Maybe needs more testing. Will still get value out of it from other classes though so either way i needed to get it eventually.

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I got mine by gift bombing Mari as you described.
For my bard and my soulfist I really enyoing having C+J runes. But I wont go for the extra effort of farming masterpieces for the gold rune. Getting J from marte is on my todo on the other hand.

The problem I see what you have is your virtues. I think you would need a lot of time to get for 300 + bombing Mari afterwards. Maybe you can boost it a bit by using skins if you havent already? Also there are a few unas which give virtue potions.
Regarding the masterpieces it would also take quite some time to get there. As itsaconspiracy described you could check if you can reach 44 by easy masterpieces.

You could also try the mechanic itself by getting the green and the blue versions first if you not sure at all.

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