Convinced one of my guild mates to Destroy fused Leapstones

just ignore everything

this is pretty much it

i dont know how to make it any more simplistic than this for you to understand how human analogies work

Lol, are you a real life gambler who’s coping about all of the lottery tickets they buy? I’m legit baffled by your logic.

You’re truly trying to make the argument that you have a better chance of winning the lottery, than you do to take a 5% honing chance…

Well how about this? I’ll do Valtan each week, and you’ll buy a lottery ticket every week. Let’s see who gets a successful hone or who wins the lottery first? How about that bud?

Good luck getting the same odds as I’ll have with a 5% honing chance. For you to have the same odds with the Powerball, you’re gonna have to buy 329,874,930 tickets, out of the 6,597,498,600 possible Powerball permutations.

no, which is why i said you dont understand analogies or sarcasm.

Stop coping, you are 100% trying to make an argument with your lottery nonsense. I proved you wrong, and your fragile ego won’t allow you to be wrong, so you keep doubling down, or just saying it was “sarcasm.” Yikes man, just yikes.

FYI, it’s not a valid analogy if you’re trying to compare a statistics-based situation to another statistics-based situation. They literally have to be 1:1 in comparison, otherwise it has no merit, like comparing a 5% honing chance to a 20-sided die roll, like I did.

i am face palming so hard

because someone saying this is 100% not sarcastic because that’s how people actually talk

Lol, you were being sarcastic because you still legitimately think you’re right, which you’ve been proven to not be. So why do you keep talking?

like to me it sounds like you’re the one trying hard not to admit to his faults and spewing trolling nonsense

No, I’ve been very thorough in my intentions. You seem to be the one who can’t move on here.

yeah sure, that’s enough time for you tbh, not even a productive trolling session from you, i prefer higher quality trolling tbh.

have a nice day man

I wasn’t trolling at all, I was just providing clear, concise statistical evidence to you to show how illogical your argument was.

not really, but whatever man, have a nice day

Yes really, adieu, mon ami.

Everyone in this thread is too serious, and most of the hilarity came from the “victim”'s reaction in discord tbh (SS was taken the day it happened btw, is why it says “today” when this happened a few days ago)

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Jokes on you, at the rate Vykas is coming, that 1000 gold is worth more. He’ll have more than enough fused leapstones to use by the time Brelshaza comes in 2024.

i never gave him the 1k

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reported for scamming then.

The real question is, did they shake on it first?