Coop sail missions rant

Why are they so rare? Like 2 times a day. Next one is in 6 hours, make it more frequent. . .


I support this message!

Rare? There’s 3 every night.

7:30, 9:30, 11:30

Okay I can’t be online in the evening. So should that also mean I’ll never complete dailies like She drifts, She gifts?

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If you’ve done the quest 1 time you can use the Una’s Task Instant Completion Ticket when you’re not able to.

Same ‘trick’ can be used to do Bleak Night Fog more than 1 time per week.

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I’m aware of that. However what if I don’t have any? Am I supposed to spend money on it so I can buy those tickets because someone thought it would be fine to limit access to a daily content?

Just for the record I haven’t done it once yet because it was never up when I was online for a few hours.

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Not just rare but also only spawn at a specific time. I don’t mind timed events but they need to understand people live in different timezones and can’t always schedule around game events.

Same issue with gates and adventure islands.


Well I did the Coop-sailing event. Yet there were no salvaging in the event.

As someone that works night shifts it truly sucks missing all these group events, cause the times I play there’s not enough to successfully complete them…

Wish they’d make these events, at least, scale to the amount of participants.

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I don’t even participate in them because they happen so late in the day. I’m primarily a morning player and they don’t even start until 8:30 PM my time.

No idea why they’re only at night but that cuts off a decent portion of players who might be busy or preoccupied during that timeframe.


I’m in somewhat of a same situation. I usually play before 1-2 hours of the reset and after reset for 1-2 hours.

Today I came up to do this daily once and then I’ll buy crystals with gold and buy tickets with them so I can complete this daily. But the event didn’t have salvaging…

I miss 5 out of 7 days of co-op sailing because of work. They should at least add more.

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The issue, I think, is the game was made for just KR originally with a single timezone so it may have made sense then. However, now, you have many timezones that makes some of these events very inconvenient for people. What I don’t get is things like sailing co-op or Adventure Island is only a few times per day so if you miss the window you are screwed. Things like Ghost Ship, Field Bosses, Chaos Gates etc. are every hour making them very easy to complete. They need to adjust the frequencies of some of these events.


Other problem is that I’ve done 2 sailing coop with 3-3 events, and still no salvaging to do the daily…

In case you still doing She Drift She Gifts; the very first co-op for Arthentine and Yorn can completely that daily. Co-op Pull it together is the name if I remember correctly.

That’s what I’m trying to do and thank you for the info!

They do scale to a degree.
You only have to complete a small % of the progress bar to get rewards (I think it is 2%). The event will then either end when the timer expires OR if the progress bar hits 100% before then. Also a handy tip is to do the co op missions in the lowest channel number 1-2-3 etc.

And I agree with everyone else that we should have the sailing co op missions during the DAY as well. Spread out the timings more like adventure islands and.
This way EVERYONE regardless of time zone or obligations has a chance to participate.

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I agree the event times are a pain