Corniest Thing in NA

Does not matter about how good you play your class. if your low roster lvl it doesnt mean your not going to MVP vykas. Get a clue, Roster is for Lames

You probably have a low roster to care like this.

Playing many alts on low tier content, i can gurantee you roster level does matter.

While it doesnt neccessarily mean the player will know all the mechanics, there is most definitely a high chance that they do.

Low roster level players dont counter, dont use bombs/flares/phermones, and cant even dodge properly.

Anyone who plays a lot can confirm this

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so your saying roster level makes u not know how to counter or use bombs, how the hell do u get to vykas and valtan without knowing counters or using battle items. thats amazing.
and my name is legendary

how the hell do u get to vykas and valtan without knowing counters or using battle items.

You’d be surprised.

The issue with this game is that you literally have no way of knowing how good someone is until you play with them. But most people are bad.

Still, on average someone with 150 roster level is way more likely to be a decent player than someone wih 100. I’m not saying there aren’t terrible 150 level players or good 100 level, it’s just the law of averages and people don’t want to take risks.

My party my rule, high roster lvl, lostwind cliff card set, lvl7 gems, 5x3 1475 or gtfo

I don’t usually check roster level when recruiting though I do agree that roster level does have a say on how skilled the player is.
What I would do check the gear you have (4 relic piece set bonus for this week’s vykas), good accessories without any stat in the garbage zone (endurance, domination, expertise), at least 33331 engravings with no useless stuffs (Ether predator, heavy armor on dps, spirit absorption, disrespect, broken bone, etc), and good gems. Those should give me a clue on how knowledgable you are with the game and not being a cheap bastard.
Hit any of those flags and I would auto hit deny.

God i hope youre not actually serious, if so i suggest you chill out a bit. Vykas is below average difficulty in lost ark and doesnt even need what youre asking for :sweat_smile:

But the whole point is that he can ask for whatever groups he wants, if he wants an easy overgeared run and thats what he is asking for thats totally fine and he can do that, and if too many people find that not fitting, the consequence is that his group is going to stay empty in the worst case scenario, im sure he is aware of that, thats all to it.

Uhh, no I can’t confirm this, low roster level player here because I don’t give a fuck for doing quests on alts and will pay gold to skip every zone possible.

Just because you do quests on your alts means absolutely fucking nothing about your skill in raids

Ever done Deskaluda? People at later ilvls in fact do not have a firm grasp on what countering is or why you do it.

Roster Level is literally copium, because it is easy to acquire. No gold needed, no RNG needed, no Pheons needed, no skill needed…NOTHING. Literally go and collect mokokos and sea bounties and people will take you into their groups because of it :stuck_out_tongue: .

Not saying it completely does, but on average a higher roster level player has performed better.

All the roster level players under 100 from what I’ve seen have been terrible.

You might think you’re good, but you might not be that good.

Lots of people think they’re good players until you see how ineffective they are at DPS while trying to survive

This is what happens when there is no dps meter or website to post logs
Mental gymnastics to figure out how to tell who is good and who isn’t

In reality, its matter. Look, obviously the number itself doesn’t mean anything… HOWEVER, it’s possible to say that a low roster player doesn’t have all the skill points, just as he probably doesn’t have all the runes either! A Paladin without Wealth or a Bard without Gold Wealth will certainly fill the gauge slower than the same class with the rune. As well as Overwhealm runes (stagger). Of course, it’s just details, but in an MMORPG, details make all the difference in the late game. Sometimes 1 level of 1 tripod completely changes the way you play a character. Everything matters!

EDIT: What doesn’t matter, is just the guy plays well and still can’t reach the potential of the class. You can be an amazing Striker (for example), but a properly built striker, with all these details, will always have a difference in relation to you.

It’s the same as hiring people in real life.

You get 10 resumes but you don’t get to interview them. Who do you go with? Most likely the best resume as you have no other way to evaluate the individual. Does this mean that the people with the less better resume are worse for the job? Not necessarily.

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Taths it. and as I pointed out above, in the end, if everyone plays well, the best will always be whoever made the achievements, has all the skill points, among the other things I mentioned.

I HATE HORIZONTAL CONTENT, but i get all skill points, and all runes

thats not even sort of true for ‘new’ content.

it works for older content because it means people have ran that content alot, but for legion raids its meaningless because most people havnt ran lets say valtan on 6 characters. so them having 50 roster level vs 150 is no difference.

you largely gain roster level by doing things that arent raiding. you can be perfectly raid ready with sub 100 roster level very easily. most of the high roster players ive met just no-life the non raiding content is all. so they’ll have all the mokoko’s but they cant understand how too not stand infront of an attack.

So far I’ve only seen reasons why high level roster doesn’t equate to being good, but there’s no reason why a low roster player is good.

Only low roster players think doing mokoko will get them to high roster level. I guaranteed you it does not as I have pretty much every mokoko in the game but I also have a lot of alts.

In my course of playing, I can say for a fact that 95% of the players I see at 120 and below are pretty bad. They might not realize it, but they are.

I’ve rarely seen a player at roster 150+ be terrible. You might have a few here and there, but consistently they are able to perform.

reported because my eyes hurt

Only eyes they hurt are those who are low roster. Sometimes people have trouble accepting things they don’t wanna hear =]