Cosmetics and why Amazon is failing hard at something that should be an easy W

I’m at a total loss here on how whoever is in charge could be this ignorant.

The joke for FF14 is the endgame is fashion, players hunt mounts and mog in WoW for years, people log in just for skins in LoL and overwatch when events go live, and I could keep going on so many other examples…

How do you all not understand that cosmetics are one of the one thing that hard core and casual players have in common?

The fact the transmog system that’s in Korea isn’t in game is bad enough but then you all don’t add skins for a month!? How do you fail at something that should be an easy W.

This just looks like the person making these choices doesn’t game and is out of touch on what players care about.

Go watch any stream and you see “skins” mentioned over and over in chat.

I get the sever issues but how to you all screw something up that you legit don’t even have to try since they’re are so many made… @Roxx


The problem with xmogs, and non-PvX features in this game is the way the game was designed. There are not a lot of character viewing options (closeups, camera rotations, etc.) and people seems to not camp in main cities often.

I barely look at people in this game due to the above…and most of them being berserker or sorcerer bots. The only thing that I look at, with passing fancy, are mounts.

Another game that probably has the same issues/problems is WoW. That game has the abilities to do all that FFXIV does, but, it’s xmog and pet system is just bleh (emotes can be amusing at times). Mount on the other hand is something note worthy (at times).

I can’t grasp why FFXIV is so successful in their community capture of xmogs, emotes, pets and mounts. There, it’s like it’s the whole reason to play the game.

:right_anger_bubble: FFXIV is really an anomaly when it comes to this thread’s feedback in my opinion. And I hope they do not lose that.

I probably will never spend on skins, mounts, and other cosmetics in this game for the reasons I mention above.

there are skins, there will be more skins

there were big issues with market / purchase. its good that they focus on fixing that instead of just adding more skins. it actually shows that they care about the quality of the game and not just making money

but hey there will always be some person complaining about everything

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yes the game needs skins, but there are a lot of more important issues that need to be sorted out before they can prioritize cosmetics…(eg server issues, store issues, etc)

They’re not failing since their goal is profit. The point is to make people spend their crystals, gold and real money on what is in the shop now. That way when new skins come out, you will have to reach for your credit card again.

I don’t like it either, but don’t confuse this with “failing”.

Store is having issues making it unable for some to buy a single thing. Think they update the skins at store and you fall under this bug.

Better to wait for the problem to be solved than taking the risk.

Also, regarding FFXIV fashion, my friend says it’s mostly due to mods.

for real let them fix more urgend issues before going to cosmetics… would be nice to actually matchmake or or or… crying for skins in a time like this is absolute madness just wait till the game runs properly before screaming

What exactly are the “urgent issues” on the NA servers other than Bots? Zero excuse to not at least do a store reset by now. I get a week, maybe two to really focus on launch issues. But a month? This is incompetence to me.

Not true at all. I played FFXIV with NO mods and it’s fun to hang out in Limsa, watching and listening.

  • Bards can play music of their choice (mostly really bad but some are incredible) with different instruments.
  • Emotes are lively and some are fun to watch.
  • You tend to check out xmogs in that game because they are really something and there are A LOT of different styles.
  • A large variety of pets that does their own actions (i.e ride on your shoulders).
  • Mounts are very unique (not just colorful).
  • Characters themselves are VERY animated. You can even change the poses when standing still.

Yes, I do like FFXIV for what it is. It’s game designs are very different from this game. I think using FFXIV comparison to this game is unfair to be honest.

If you want actual numbers of the mods used for cosmetics, you can google the mod sites. They have counters on how many were downloaded. Not many vs the amount of players in that game.

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since theres not only NA in this game we all sit in the same boat theres no seperate shop for na and eu so there are problems more important to satisfy only NA servers…

I feel for the EU players but trying to make all the regions suffer because misery loves company is just wrong.

I’m sorry your severs suck and Amazon messed up your region. I’m not sorry for asking for the game to move forward for the rest of us.

again 1 shop server for all of us theres no seperation if 1 does not work noone will work

I will not really say anything because that’s what my friend answers whenever I ask why is the game so popular. She plays this daily for a good chunk of hours and honestly, I have 0 idea of anything you mentioned there lol

Only thing I will point is personally, characters look better in LA

Yeah, from my reply earlier, FFXIV is really an MMO anomaly when it comes to cosmetics and other non-PvX stuff. It really does seem like the game was built to drive that part of the game unlike most other MMOs (such as Lost Ark).

When I played FFXIV, I didn’t do it for the PvX. I actually played it for its rich storyline and the non-PvX stuff. You REALLY get hooked into it. I probably spent over $1500 on that game within the 6 mos that I played it. :grinning:

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I disagree. Even in WoW arguably the best content ever made was the mage tower and the only reward was a cosmetic.

It’s not just FF14. Cosmetics are universally liked across player bases in all games. There is a reason some games monetize solely on them.

I doubt people played WoW for it’s cosmetics unlike what I stated above you with FFXIV where people do play for just it’s cosmetics and non-PvX stuff.

Saying people don’t care about cosmetics in WoW just shows you don’t play WoW or understand games in general.

Again the most popular content ever made only rewarded cosmetics…

Even Azmongold just tweeted about the “good content” in WoW and mentioned mog.

No one, even I, said anything about not caring for cosmetics. What I said was the amount of investment into it.

respectfully, i disagree. Take a look at Diablo 3 and see how much your characters appearance can change despite the isometric view and lack of close up views.

this would would be an argument against all visual customization which i couldnt support at all. one of the biggest draw backs i have with the game right now is you cant tell the difference between 302 and 500 ilvl gear. they spend an entire tier looking identical despite power growth, to every other member of that class.

never played korean or russian version, but there is a transmog system there? and Amazon and smilegate didnt think western customers would want that???

the more i learn about the business side of this collaboration, the more im inclined to stop playing till they give everything that is supposed to be in the damn game…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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That’s fine and all. But, one of the main reasons people chase cosmetics is to show it off to others. D3 has a big degree of a cosmetic changes. But, do you go and hang out somewhere (I don’t even think you can) or take pics to post to show off how your character looks? If you do, you’re probably one of the few and I respect it!