Cosmetics: Low Level Armor pieces as Skin


many players (including me) like to create an unique looking character and I read many of us ask for more skins/cosmetics.
I know armor skins are a part of game economy, and I can understand they were relased not so often.
But why dont add low level armors drop as skin too?
Maybe without any “bonus” but only for cosmetic purpose.
It will be great for those who like mix/match shoppable skins with ingame armors, and I think it will not be so hard to do.

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100% agree with this, when you get an item the skin should be learned and saved to be applied to other items. All those T1 and T2 skins going to waste, v sad.

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These were introduced with Yoz Jar and Skin Crafting.

Amazon Games Studios, in their infinite wisdom, decided NA/EU shouldn’t have all these skins and have removed them.

Yoz Jar required you to use actual skins in order to have a chance at getting another RNG skin.
What OP is asking for is basically transmog - you have a piece of gear that looks good and you turn it into a skin. From what I saw here and reddit, most people hated the idea of Yoz Jar.

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Because of one Reddit post where they misconstrued what the Yoz Jar actually does.

There are tons of purple-rarity skins that people like from it, and also low-level armor skins that’s exactly what this guy is asking for. It also shares the same fabric system for skin crafting.

This is still not transmog, just a skin shop casino. What people want is ability to turn one specific piece of gear into a skin that looks exactly like that piece of gear did with no RNG involved.


Good luck with that

The Yoz Jar is a cash shop/rng stuff that gives you skins with bonuses.
I’m talking of pure cosmetic skins.
Adding a trasmog option or the possibility to use low level armors as skin will not impact the cash shop stuffs while give players the chance to have more options to play with cosmetic :slight_smile: