Cost to unlock full inventory on a char?

If someone know the cost to unlock the 4 tabs fully, i would like to know.
Thanks to you if you got the answer.
Gl hf

I think it’s not a lot. Maybe 200 total. It was a while ago so I don’t remember exact number. But I remember not carrying because it wasn’t outrageous.

200 what ? Dollars ? Because in blue gems sure it’s wayy more since the first line of page 3 cost 80.


blue crystals. I unlocked it on day 2, so I don’t remember exactly how much it cost. If it was overly expensive I would have had a more vivid memory.

I thank you for the answer but i look for a real number. You told me around 200 blue crystals but 200 give you like 4 lines, and for the full inventory it’s 22 lines to unlock and since they seems to go up in price each time…