Could a Positive Rep system save Lost Ark?

Well, inside the sea of toxic players we always find some really cool and helping people that take their time to teach others - they are just not enough.

Maybe a system where you could reward the most experienced players that helped people struggling with mechs - like the stronghold badge system - but that could earn the mentor like players something valuable - like gold or shard’s . Maybe could couple this system with an extra gold earning clear for players that help others on first clear or something along the line.


Yes +1

We need a system to segregate the toxic waste from the game

While I think the concept is interesting I’m not sure how feasible it is in an mmorpg. An honor system is easier to implement in something like League of Legends where matchmaking is the focus and you can weight honor from your teammates depending on if they were premade with you or not (I believe 2 or 3 honors from premades equates to 1 honor from a rando in League).

Unfortunately with a system like party finder people will always find a way to abuse it and trade positive rep to reap the rewards among their friends or guildies.

However, maybe if they revamped our matchmaking system to make it more viable then this idea would slide in very nicely.

some pple just want to get on with the raids, some pple need to go learning groups, its not easy to get those nowadays, but they got to dig in and put in the juice, instead of trying to get carried. Toxic pple means pple who are rude and mean excessively, this term is used and abused like anything humans got their hands on. Some pple just behave badly with every minor opportunity they get, i get it. Some pple are just trolls too. Going out of your way and investing tons of time/energy to help out random pple? i dont see any reason to do it at all, its still a everyone for himself world, nothin’s changed over two thousands years.

The problem is, those who are the most toxic would probably have the most positive reputation because they’re not always toxic. They are impatient, impulsive and sensitive, but I’m sure their first instinct isn’t to flame unless they feel they have been given the reason.

But who knows?