Could ban bots, please look this

AHK bots just spawming maybe 30 bots, avesta server Spawm THEY have more of 1000 item
i sent maybe 5 reports and never ban, please work in bots

YORN bots spot

Really hardplay with a bot economy

Hi @rscrazy1!

I’m really sorry for this issue with these bots, we understand how frustrating it can be.

Please know that we’re currently working hard on reviewing every case there is regarding bots. We’re working daily with manually investigating their actions and applying the respective penalties to prevent further bot creations. But please note that these characters get queued for reviewing once reported.

In order to review every case there is of a suspected bot, we need a direct in-game report of this bot or you can send a ticket so a moderator can review it.

So please, help us out with these steps whenever you suspect to see a bot, and we’ll take actions.

Here are the steps:

Report a Player | Lost Ark

Thanks for your patience, we’ll gladly review your reports. Have a great one! :bird:

3 days more and now have +60 bots meh

I’ve been saying how much the ags devs whatever the are stink but maybe they are just way understaffed. Could def be the case, we don’t now how many peeps they have working for them. Could be two guys or 2 thousand. I’m going to stop saying that. I don’t know all the facts there.


Not like bots really try to hide anyways.
Also, can’t report all if they stack.