Could I have some clothes, please?

N00b here…I’ve gone through nearly 30 levels of killing, looting, and seeing all this great looking armor and clothing on NPCs, and on female chars in ads for the game, and here I am running around in hot pants and spike heels. I feel like an idiot.

Everything I loot is also hot pants and spike heels.

Do I ever get anything better than this to wear or is this it all the way through end game?


here u see all event shop outfits from korea


Mages and somewhat assassins are default just panties for all levels.
Female martial artists get half a pants leg.
You need to get a skin with something else than panties.
That is why I used Northern lawmaker pants skin on my sorcerer so she could always have pants.


btw the game is full of panties but the word is banned in chat.
Go figure. Very asian marked.


I will answer you before a bunch of really defensive people flood this thread to protect their booby rights.

You don’t really get anything better to wear, no. At least not from drops. Pretty much all good looking stuff comes from skins, which you can buy either with real money or with gold from the auction house. At the moment you can also check out the Rapport vendor, she sells a skin as well, but I’ve only seen what it looks like on my main.

As for the skins… There are actually a few decent ones, but at the moment our shop is nearly empty.


good god that’s awful.

Are all the skins cash only?

Have they said they’re going to make any culture accomodations for worldwide launch of the game?


check for urself there

those skins are good and awesome

It’s not very helpful.

what do you mean?

those skins are even with the shop prices in korean WON

and u can sell those on the Market for gold ingame so you can farm gold and buy it from a player that bought it with cash

Look. I’m not into gold farming or having to pay cash just to not run around naked in a game where everyonne else is more than fully clothed.

Stop trying to sell me stuff.


then this might not be the game for you

bye bye then

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Yeah unfortunately the customization options outside of skins are very lacking. Though I’ve heard that at least on the Korean servers there is an additional system which allows you to make certain dungeon/raid armors into skins.

God knows how long it will take until we get that here though.

As for the gold, while it does kind of suck… It’s not unrealistic amounts we are talking about it. You will absolutely be able to afford a skin eventually.

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Yes but we do not know if they implement it here …

OH and BTW you will absolutely be gold farming or you wont be able to upgrade your gear xD

I’m sure they will, but I’m guessing it will take a while. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t.

After all there was no reason to not release the valentine Skins during launch… those new ones on korea look amazing and iam super pissed we wont be getting them this year then on eu


Thanks. Your answers have been very helpful. I look forward to finding a much better skin to use. I like the game, but this will annoy me right outta here if I can’t fix it eventually.

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There is so much stuff that should have been released at launch… Like why don’t we get Destroyer? Or Summoner? Or Lance Master? Or at least one more skin in addition to the measly 2 we have right now.

It’s my biggest issue right now. I’m stuck playing classes I don’t even want to main and looking bad at the same time. :cry:

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No problem. I totally get your frustration and I do think this game needs a decent transmog system. It would help customization a ton. Yeah obviously devs need to make money, but they can still have awesome looking skins in the shop. Most of the leveling armors aren’t even that impressive visually.

I literally can’t wait to get those Korean Shop skins. All look really cool. I like the aesthetic in the game.

you can buy them all, for gold …

its completely fine as u will be hoarding gold anyways for mats as soon as u are trying to get +26 gear in t3