Could it be true

Tier 3 at launch
KR UI updates and general QOL
Korean simple levelling experience (MSQ only)

Could be true who knows. My small brain cant figure it out. Youtubers are like leaky taps.


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Optimism chaps!! You’ll see!!

maybe its true maybe its not whatever we will see it once they announce it, since they not gonna make a statment on it now just wait

Click bait and repeated topic, closed this thread please

The sheer amount of systems present in T3 would make it overwhelming for the first-timers, driving a LOT of them away from the game.

Also, most people expect some time in T1 to try out all their class choices and make a decision on what to main, and if we release in T3 you better have crystal clear what you want to main and how to build your characters, otherwise you are gonna waste quite the amount of resources and fall behind really quick.

DX11 hype

told you so!

Is dx11 confirmed anywhere, that would be great to have.

hopefully so.

how do you feel today sir?


Don’t close it