Could not claim my Twitch drop items


first off I’d like to point out that I have linked my accounts with Twitch and Steam / Lost Ark. I got the Twitch drops (LoLA Starter Item Set, Arkesia Paper Hat Chest, Saphia Pet Chest and currently working on the LoLA Helgaia Pet Chest) and claimed the finished ones in my Twitch inventory.

Yesterday I had a small icon showing at the top of my screen in game that I have unclaimed items where all these drop chests appeared. The game popped up an error message, but unfortunately I don’t remember exactly what it said, however it was something about incorrectly purchasing items. I carried on to select all the items in that screen and hit the claim button resulting in an error message which said that the items could not be claimed and that I’d have to try again later. I tried again by picking only one of these items at a time (tried every one of them seperately) but the error remained unchanged. So I thought it might be related to servers being overflowing with players and I left the items unclaimed for the time being.

I restarted my game later and found out that the same screen which had these drop items was now empty, saying I have nothing to claim, and I never got the items that I tried to claim before.

Issue remains the same today with no items to claim.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that in the list of items to claim there were these wings that I thought were only given to those who purchased the support packs but I didn’t buy any of those.

Hi @Wonderfool :man_mage:

I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this have caused you, we don’t want anything messing with your gameplay experience.

I have to inform you that our development team and the Twitch team are already aware about Twitch drops not being reflected on players account after having all account connected, and are already working on solving the issue.

Thanks so much for your patience :dragon:

I’m happy to announce that I got all my drops after the server maintenance which occurred tonight!

hello i was sent here from the amazon support team as well, im having the same issues as i cant claim my items.

I’m also not getting my twitch drops. I even re-linked my steam account before claiming my most recent drop and nothing.