Could not connect to game

my game crashed, when i log, and select my character appear this error.

SA Server Vern.


Hello i have the same error en LAS SERVER.



Same error.

Nick: Mitogod
Server: Kazeros

Same here. I can’t connect on my main character after Disconnect. Others characters i can log in without problems.

On the “friend’s list” of my friends, i still appear online with my main character.

I’m having the same error in the SA Server Vern.
I was playing with my character and received an error message, exiting the game.
Now, i cannot connect to my character.

It seens that these errors are occuring in all servers and regions, i hope they are going to update the game with a bug fix soon.

Nick: Louked.
Server: Vern.

Parece que esta enfocado en SA xq a mi me paso lo mismo.

Same error here!

Server: Yorn
Nick: Alilya

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MESMA COISA = same here
char: manjola
region: SA
server: Fern

same here
Server: Kazeros
Nick: Assaltante

Same here :cry:

Same error
Nick: Grangger
Region: SA
Server: Vern

Same error…

Server: Arcturus

same here

server : kazeros

Character Name: onganeitor

Server: kazeros

Issue: cant log in, “couldnt not connect to game”

please help

Character Name: Acowz
Server: Kazeros

same problem.

one more issue?

Character Name: Snakenaja

Server: kazeros

Issue: cant log in, “couldnt not connect to game”

please help

Same here.

Sv.: Kazeros
Char: Kawz

Same :crying_cat_face:

I also have this problem
Server: Vern
Char: Tchururu

Got disconnected during a quest and I can’t login back.
Impossible to contact any support from within the game

Same problem here…
Server: Vern
Char : TATITAriojano