Could someone clear my doubt

When Summoner came out I bought this Crystal and it’s left in the account. Can I spend it on the artist?
I’m lost in the forum I don’t know where to ask questions here There’s little left in the account, I can use it on the artist

I don’t understand what it says but I’m assuming it’s the crystal pack for raising a summoner to lvl 50. Then no, those packs are specific to the class. There will probably be a new one released for artist.

I have to love another class to open this trunk

This doesn’t look like one of the class specific ones, rather all classes, so you will find out in a day wether you can or not but I would keep it incase, they might add artist to it, unfortunately there is no way of knowing if they will add artist to it until it releases. Good luck :hibiscus:

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Thanks I get a little lost in the forum I don’t know where to ask questions here i’m new here i don’t know much about this crystals

This package is most likely the Level Complete Pack and it gives u good amount of blue Crystals.
Blue Crystals is the currency used to buy pheons

The currency is roster bound, u can just open the chest with the char u bought it and use the blue crystals with any class in ur roster

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I wanted to close this post I already took my doubt