Could someone from AGS please reassure us that skins won't be censored in our version of the game

As pointed out already, I am concerned that the lack of skins in the game, is a sign for censorship being put in place. Hence why it takes them so long to release skins, that are already made and available in KR/RU.

@Roxx I’m sorry to bother you with this, but could you please tell us if the “delay” of skins in the ingame shop has something to do with skins being censored?

I’m honestly not going to bother playing this game, if censorship is AGS way of doing things.
I don’t need some company to protect me from anime thighs…


there’s no such thing as “reassure” companies in general do that and then take it back. but if there’s 1 thing i know of which is they never last. censorship doesn’t last because no matter how hard you try to resist the fact that it doesn’t generate money that way it won’t help you. they’ll always revert it at the end.

If they keep censoring more armors and only putting in G rated Puritan skins in the shop, Amazon WILL shoot itself in the door, because a HUGE part of the player base came to lost ark for the Korean aesthetic.


exactly! all my friends who play the game are just saving their crystals for the original outfits so far. we didn’t buy anything cause nothing looks good atm. hopefully we get the good stuff soon…

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Just don’t buy them if they’re censored. Nothing much you can do.

I’m surprised how often people ask this question considering we’ve seen no signs of this taking place yet.

Honestly I dont think they are censoring as much as people think. I mean just go check the Providence Stone Mage/Bard outfit, her butt is basically out.

I would like to believe that, but they did it before and I’m just afraid they might do it again.

I will have to see about those Mage/Bard outfits you mentioned. They sound… interesting.^-^

Oh really? Because here are the actual founders Gunslinger skins in Korea. There’s a TON of other skins and armors that have already been completely modified and completely covered up in Lost Ark NA release already.


The founders skins in Korea are 100% supposed to be different than global. Even Russian founders pack skin were different. Maybe once these skins actually come out in global and if it is censored then I agree amazon is being shitty. Till then its all speculation,

Other regions definitely have more skins than we do at the moment but the ones we got so far don’t seem modified unless you want to split hairs and claim that a specific colour scheme not being included in the first month of the game equals censorship.

You people clearly havent seen the Korean skins.
Look at the skins we have – look at the lawmaker skins on females, completely covered up, look at the Alar skins on females – completely covered up except for a tiny bit of skin showing on the sorceress, look at the plat founders skins on females – completely covered up with the exception of that one martial artist skin that shows some chest.
There’s a reoccurring theme here if you haven’t picked up on it yet. AGS is going to make sure we don’t get any skins like the ones in Korea, and whether you people have taken the time to look for yourself in game, and compare to the textures in Korean or not, it’s happening. Arguing that it isn’t just makes you feel better deep down inside I think, because you’re happy they were censored and are trying to keep it that way.

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The founders skins were picked by smilegate and amazon. I really doubt smilegate chose to censor its own skins. They just happened to be some current skins coming out in Korea. The only true censorship we are seeing is skins not being dyable.

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It’s not like the lawmaker skins have bikini tops on the kr client, lol.
All the outfits we’ve gotten so far remain unchanged including the more “dangerous” ones.
I agree we’ve not got much of a selection of skins available right now but im fine with ags not pushing amazing cash shop items while the game is still struggling with post launch stability.

Anyways, summer’s around the corner and we’re bound to get a selection of swimsuits from that at least :stuck_out_tongue:

There is an Island which is full of woman in bikinis running/walking around jiggling like jelly. Im failing to see the ‘censoring’ people are talking about. The founders skins are comepletely different skins entirely, not modified. The only outfits I know for certain got changed was some of the starter ones and Amazon addressed those.

Also look at the Soulfist founders skin, yup censored xD

If the skins are ugly I’m going back to FFXIV full-time. At least over there I have options, I can cover up and wear armor if I want or wear nothing at all. I like having the choice for both genders.

Censoring skins - no one asked
No options to remove / censor blood and gore - literally asked by alot of people

My wife and I came to lost ark for the gameplay but we also got very interested because of the Aesthetic.

I hope the cosmetics and avatars will be. 1:1 from Korea to NA we want the same stuff as the original versions (in addition) to other options for people who want different styles.

As long as we get it all + new ones, I don’t mind. But if we sacrifice any costumes in favor of new ones, I would be quite disheartened.

I’ve got faith AGS will come through and please all parties.

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Already happened. Why do you think there’s no cosmetics on the cash shop. I will eat my shoe if not a single cosmetic has been censored as we’re slowly drip-fed them from the rest of the world.

Here’s a good thread about it: A lot of outfits censored, changed, remodeled or replaced