Could we get a toggle or a relaxation of the profanity filter in chat?


It would be great to have a toggle for the profanity filter, or at least a complete overhaul of how it works.
Right now it’s really hard to speak any European language other than English because the game blocks special characters. So I can’t even speak my native language between friends.

But even focusing just on English, the filter is way too harsh. It even catches in-game items when you link them in chat, or when you’re trying to explain mechanics, they also get censored depending on certain combination of words. This is an M-rated game after all, so please consider making this configurable for players.

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Hi, Olgih. Welcome to the community! Just letting you know that I forwarded this feedback to the game team.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes Amazon…come one, alot of us are adults. We can take a “fuck” in the chat we’re not gonna go and cry about it.

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