Could we get an increase in North Vern Knowledge Transfer Slots?

He’s not asking for infinite lvl 50 chars he’s asking for a +1 on the limit which in my opinion is a very reasonable thing to ask for.

What he does with his game is up to him, some people like to test classes before deciding on one main, some people like to have many alts. you’re not the judge of how people play the game.

No one should be “extremly grateful” for a system that was already in the game since release in 2019 lmao


You can’t really get a feel for a character below level 50, over half of my KT characters got deleted.

The cap is silly.


This 100% character demo is a complete joke, You can’t test all of the skills and the ones they give you to try no one even uses them post 50+.

I’m the same boat as you dude, also maxed out on the Vern KTs due to trying multiple classes


I’d argue for a proper class tester (just give us the level 50 one for the class test), but that would probably be more work.

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Exactly what Blooh said here.

  1. I wasn’t complaining
  2. I wasn’t asking to get infinite characters, just to increase the cap by +1 so that I do not have to go through the story again which I have also done manually.
    I figure it would be a nice QoL change and middle of the road thing for those of us that played a lot of characters.

Can definitely pass this feedback along!


i mean he have 12 characters… seriuously wtf? its always one more… you get 9 characters for measly 600 gold + 3 powerpasses… but you guys still need more? like when does it stop? its ridiculous to give infinite lvl 50 chars, its already more than generous enoght this is beyond what anyone should need…
At some point it has to stop and at that point you should start leveling the chars yourself or just wait for a powerpass (they will keep giving us more but its insane to me that ppl is asking for another lvl 50 char after they gave you 12…

Some people like he, maybe, and me tested classes at level 50 with the knowledge transfer versus some golds.
They already told you and you refuse to aknowledge it… And you don’t even read what he said since you are talking about infinite level 50 char even if he stipulated that he wasn’t asking for it lmao.

I don’t know why you cry like that about something that doesn’t concern you at all :smiley:


The true gameplay experience begins with guardian raids and abyss dungeons, I’m not sure if you find 16 hours of pressing “G” an enjoyable experience, but as someone who has done it twice I’ll never want to do it again if possible.


You know in KR the amount of slots is 22 and they have more KT available right? And not that long ago they could make gold beyond the now 6 character limit. So get out of here with this “ALWAYS MORE!?” bs.


What kind of question is “When does it stop”?

Obviously it stops when we fill up our max character slots, which currently are 18.


Can you also pretty please pass the along the feedback that they should give us a powerpass with destroyer, like with every other class release in the history of lost ark? Thank you :smiley:

I am unsure why people think of this as a greedy ask. Now, I am also in the same boat with 0 knowledge transfer left, so this could be more self-interested; however, we are simply asking for a legit boost to have its cap removed. If there is a good argument on why the Knowledge transfer to Vern should be hard-capped at 9, I think we would also be open to listen. I couldn’t think of one.


And even that will be increased at some point. Just because you have so many characters, doesnt mean you play them all regulary but there are enough people who want to have all characters at max at one point and guess what… thats fine!

I’m at 8 characters atm, all T3, and want even more in the near future, especially because some of the new classes sound super interessing to me (arcana, reaper, scouter and ofc painter which I want to main as support player).

Increasing the KT just sounds fair to me, because leveling from 10-50 and then start the grind from T1 is just a chore. If we can atleast skip the leveling process all the time it will help alot.

Not everyone plays the game the same.

My main is 1430 as complet F2P and thats thanks to many alts (and to much time tbh). But I want to rotate my alts in the future so I got more fun out of the daily routine

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I think you misunderstood me.

Maybe you thought I was being sarcastic. I wasn’t. I was being literal. There should be at least enough knowledge transfers to fill out the full 18 character slots we can buy. In fact, I don’t see any reason why there’s a limit on Vern knowledge transfers.

My posting was more related to the guy that you quoted, sorry :slight_smile:

i can see that point to be honest… they should really have a better way to test characters…
i just feel like its too much, there are too many ppl rushing stuff and pumping characters with alts that get to content they are not prepared for without engravings (b/c we only get so many free books so far) and then we get the complaints about content being hard b/c ppl funneled all mats to a character they are not prepared to use… and that is my gripe with this whole “infinite alts”

i am sorry if it sounds like a “cry” but its not, i seriously think we had nuf powerpasses and KT for a while

Sadly if you used the 960 power pass on a character that was done with north vern it doesnt unlock more knowledge transfers. IE I should have deleted my lowest ilvl character and used the powerpass on brand new one instead of using it on a 302. As when you use it on a 302 you get screwed out of your extra 3 knowledge transfers you would have gotten.

Thank you Rox! you are the best. Just the fact that you pass along the feedback is enough, even if they say no

Not even then. Deleting a character doesn’t restore your knowledge transfer either

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