Could we please finally get an official statement on why our version of Shadowhunter Demon form got changed?

Our demon form is so pitch black to the point of making it look like a bug, meanwhile the KR/RU has white skin and white hair.

If it was intentional y’all did a pretty bad job with it, you could’ve at least made color changes to the armor to break up the monotony of the colors, when you zoom all the way out it just looks like a pitch black silhouette.

Not to mention the lore inconsistencies. All other Delain retain their skin color and get the white hair, most notably Armen, if you changed them as well then at least it wouldn’t stick out as much.

I’ve seen a single topic on this where a dev responded and they said that they’d look into it, that’s been over a month now and nothing else has been said since.

If its intentional please just tell us so that those of us holding out for a fix can stop hoping.


Edit: While I support the change back to the original demon Hunter form, I want to distance myself from weird accusations of blackfacing, censoring and other stuff further down this thread.
Some of these people seem to have sniffed too much glue and see the woke media everywhere, even when it could be just a bug or wanted changes to make the game more diverse (in the case of some Npcs).


Could you look into this?
While I like my Shadowhunter how she looks, others don’t and I did see the “we’ll look into it and come back to you” reply too.

Thread and reply found. Also tagging @JWarlock


A bunch of hackneyed changes in an attempt to desexualize the game to not alarm the press. It didn’t work, and it won’t ever work. They shot themselves in the foot. Did you perhaps notice that the most requested feature is more skins and all we got was edgelord mallninja stuff?


That’s the thread i was talking about.

I really don’t like the approach of “Just bury it and hope people forget”

Whatever the reason is, just adresss it.


Well I also believe it was just a horrible atempt to “censor it”

Was actually the reason why I didnt play the class after seeing how it looks like compared to the KR version, I mean, you spend SO much time in this form that the visuals are just important.


Honestly think its annoying it was changed. Even if they censor the rest of it I just want the white hair, reminds me a lot of DMC. Current fully black with dark grey hair kinda puts me off, but I just ignore it for now.

I knew something was off. Thanks for pointing that out and hopefully in the future we can choose between a few looks or something.


YES! Please fix this!


Oh dam that’s a major difference lol

I didn’t play other regions so I had no clue. We got scammed.


Honestly, who cares. Just release skins for transformations as well. Also would love if SG added new animation particles to skins.


I can’t see how they censor this but not other things in the game tbh. That would be indeed a weird attempt

Hope @roxx can give us an answer.

My character looks like she’s in witness protection and her identity is being hidden in a news interview.


she looks like a starving werewolf of something.


She does look a bit like a worgen from wow.


Her appearance was redacted.


Basically this.


This is the only reason i stopped playing shadowhunter. Im so tired of this woke thing.


I’ve tried getting a response to this twice in the past, and the thread just gets buried and no official responses. It’s harder to get attention to a visual glitch on a single class to begin with, but just a response of,

“Yes it’s a bug, we’ll look into it.”
“It was changed for the west.”
or even
“It was changed for the west, but if player feedback wants a reversion we’ll consider adding it in an update.”

I’ll quit it if it’s option 2 since you spend so much time in that form and it looks awful like that. But continued silence on something that should be easy to get an answer on is frustrating.


Personaly i think your skin and hair color in demonic form should match your original skin and hair color from your normal form. My character is white with white hair, and it just looks bad when i change form, iam invisible in shadows. Doesnt makes sense, and really looks like a bug to me.


I’m hoping it’s a bug. In canon the Delains hair changes white when they transform into their demon form. Armen is a great example of this. But for some reason our Delain changes into a dark cloud with barely visible features. It’s just bad.