Could you fix GvG Time?

Could you changethe time of GvG please ? Sunday at 20h30 is the worst time ever for doing it.


whats wrong with it?

nothing if you are unemployed.

But if you are, its horrible

but a day ago it was an hour later i ve never seen complaints :thinking:

You we have kid, shower, lunch, work this schedule is just bad

dunno about you but those are personal issues at best

on another note, it doesnt rly matter when you hold it, its gonna conflict with some1 anyway
even if you put it saturday some1 will come and say it doesnt fit their time

but who knows maybe ppl would like saturday more, if they wanna fix it maybe they could put up a poll with either sunday or saturday, i think 8pm is fine
since it doesnt rly matter what hour you put it, there is always something happening alongside it be that boss or gate etc maybe 7 would be better idk
some1 will be left out regardless


if you are a Child or Unemployed, sure.

But if this is inconvenient to many players and its bad time for no reason, its bad design.

If it was at 5 am in the morning and ppl would complain, you would say its their personal issues.

Think, Think.

i dont see hordes of ppl complaining so im p sure its the minority
also yes if you read what i typed i said no matter when you hold it some1 will complain, monka
even if you work 8pm is fine tbh, or if you have to wake up that early that u need to go sleep before 8 then you might wanna get a better job or take the loss

tbh its always the same. The 2 people who have a problem with it scream the loudest while the other thousands dont have a problem with it

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the thing is does anyone care about GvG in lost ark.
0.01% player base does not concern the devs i guess.
btw i wish they can improve on GvG too.
but sad to say we are only the small player base that no one cares about.

yet ppl like the free gems hehe

It will always be challenging to find a time that is ideal for everyone, but definitely open to feedback if there are more folks that feel this way.

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The GvG seems kind of dead with only 4 stable guilds fighting for islands in here (Trixion).
I heard that it is pretty much the same on the others EUC servers.
With the new schedule, it is even worse since guilds have harder time to get their members available at this time range.
A lot of games are forfeited wins and at best case, we are fighting 5 times against the same guild.

On the part of PvP, 80% of the players disappeared in the arena and don’t play anymore.
Illusion island, death hold, and all the PvP islands where you can earn some PvP points are not playable since the event won’t start due to lack of players to start the event.
The conclusion of this results in a very hard time to reach the 1-3% level rewards because more than half players disappeared …

Please fix the GvG / PvP

Can confirm for Thirain even for the S islands.
I would not complain about the time if there was actually enjoyable content tbh.
But as it is right now we fight 2 mediocre guilds on a S island. Both of them are just here to get the free rank 2 and 3. Which I can totally understand for free gold right.
For us who want to play GvG its pain. We wait a long time in the evening while people need to get up early. Just to win 2 games by default and winning the other games easy. The other guilds wont even do anything, they just run in and die. Or they afk even after they get about 100 points and qualify for the gold.

As people stated above - the minority is playing GvG so not much complaining appears on the forum. Nevertheless a change from sunday to saturday or the change from evening to mid or even a bit earlier would hurt no one.

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All PvP island are dead as well, maybe it’s time for server merge or lower prerequisite

I got a update on this one.
Now the guilds only join with 1 player, trying to leech the gold. xD