Could you please ban infinite dungeon bots?

Because of bots its really hard to play in chaos dungeons. Other than chaos dungeons, most content is playable for me with max settings( except world bosses, it lags and stutters). But since the last patch game became unplayable and i’m thinking the cause of this Ark Pass and Express event giving insane amount of mats and thanks to that botters reaching to t3 easily. And yesterday my chaos dungeons became unbreable and i ragequit the game. I don’t how SG designed the infrastructure of the servers but probably we share some sort of same channel whenever we go in chaos dungeons. And because of it when 100000000 of bots running infinite dungeons it messes up our chaos runs just like it happens with world bosses. Btw pls bring option to hide other players for world bosses too :grimacing:

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I also have suffered from lag in chaos dungeons for the last two weeks. Changed my video settings a ton of times and nothing helps. I have always been able to run Lost Ark maxxed out for everything before this. I have a brand new build with a 3080 ti and 32 gb of top quality ram among other excellent specs. Making this very frustrating. 7 alts doing chaos dungeons twice each every day is 3 hours of misery with the stutter.

Bot issue needs to be addressed - about your lag, try turning off loot and exp in your chat tab, it worked for me…issue started when my alts got exp bonus from stronghold, tried s ton of fixes but this worked


Make a new chat tab only for normal/party/guild/raid and disable everything else ,game will run smoothly . Worked for me (had the same problem only in Chaos Dunegon )

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gonna give it a try, thanks :smile:

I can second this. For some reason the rapid spam of xp/drops that chat logs means that if you have a chat tab open that see’s them, you will experience massive stuttering. Something changed relatively recently exacerbated this.

We can see similar when in area chat of open seas during countdown to islands. Suddenly a ton of stuttering because of chat updates. No idea why it works that way, but it does.

this solved the problem, interesting.

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