Countdown 10min

9min now



u dont like the offline event ? :smiley:


8 minutes


only 8 more min my guy

i am very excited and you guys?

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7 minutes

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more excited than launch day

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5000 people in game, how?


exited for a new message with longer waittingtime !? :smiley:

if you just press play and stay in server selection “even if it’s empty” it counts as if you’re playing. also 6 minutes!

could you imagine logging in and seeing a blank roster, ooops we lost your files guys you have to start over

that would be so funny

5 minutes to go! imagine if they hit us with yet another delay?

it would be funny, i mean i enjoyed the game but there’s no way in hell im doing all that work when i played from day one, go find a different game

They lost our characters data, it’s a wipe boys it’s over…

hilarity in sues

5 minutes

240 seconds to go

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only 4 minutes more… come on!!

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