Countdown 10min

4 minutes till QQ :rofl: :smiling_face_with_tear:

It is just starting to thunder where im at. That is a bad sign.

Can we have a new delay plz. i went full in @Stoopzz twitch channel!

3 minutes until another 7 hour delay which would probably be the 7th delay on September 7th


touching grass was fun !

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Regarding the September 7th Update - #6 by Roxx just saw roxx typign here gl guys another delay. Watch this thread and you can see roxx typing to it/replying to it


still be waiting in 6 hours pathetic company

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Battle Commencing in… 2 Minutes!


imagine they didn’t patch anything and servers is up, they like “oopps we delay the updates for next week guys, sorry wasting your 14 hours lol. Here 1 resonance potion for you”

im so scared the server goes down due to all these ppl will log in :smiley:


Except for some of us it’s already the 8th :smirk:
1 minute btw

nvm :slight_smile: gl guys!

30 seconds

uhh oh no it says hes replying

Here we go, team, only 1min until were back on the Ark!

Pointless, because if the servers come back up as scheduled planned fumbled prayed wished, there will be a patch to download and apply. So launching the game, to sit at the region select screen and see “this region is closed” is nothing more than an animated wallpaper.

10 seconds remaining