Countries what will able to play

is here any list of all countries what will be allowed to play game?in closed beta i cud play…i m from small country near estonia so i want to know for sure.
or will be like in russian launch i bought founders pack and in the end i cudnt eaven normaly play coz this stupid usles region restrict bulshit.
any way all know wtf is whats the point or restrikt near countries?
look where is russia and latvia!
30-50 ping in game with wpn.

Only countries allowed could play the BETA and have bought one kind of founders pack, if you be able to play the beta, you are probably safe.

Your safest bet is to check if you’ve got the possibility to purchase a founder pack on either amazon or steam. You don’t have to purchase it, but simply check if it’s available to you.

The beta, when accessed through keys was available to everyone ( I know, because I’m from a country where purchase isn’t allowed and I did play beta).

You can view our full list of supported regions here. Regions not listed on the website will not be able to purchase and play Lost Ark through Steam. If that list changes, the team will be sure to announce that on their socials.

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i see i m safe i can play.but in russian lost ark i cud buy evrything from shop and before relase founders pack etc…but play i cudnt only with wpn :smiley: greedy russia!