Couple of QoL Features I would like to see

I have been playing the game since its NA launch. I never really heard of the game before it. I have loved the game. There are some ideas for the game I think would be nice quality of life features,

Rest Bonus for Rapport: I often take a day off every week to play other games. I also took a week off before Valtan to focus on IRL. The rest bonus is awesome. I wish it applied to the Rapport system. Maybe an extra action or double the Rapport given.

Extra Preset Tabs Roaster Wide: I main gunlancer. I have a chaos, GvG and Blue Lancer build. I even got an extra tab for presets since I plan on trying Red Lancer once the market get in a place where I can get the accessories. I was dissapointed when I found out these tabs didn’t open up options for my Sorc. I understand the business reason for it. I wish there was an option to pay one fee and open up the tabs on all character slots.