Couple of questions

onboard banquet

Ok, where is the location on that strange map.
2nd, how to you use the banquet item. Can you use it? What does it do?

That seem to be a giant crowned chicken, have you tryed asking at KFC ?

Its part of a seperate map line. Maxroll gg has all the info on it. Its a special “quest”

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thanks for the help but I can’t find it on there. can you give a link please. Also maxroll gg is awesome. So thanks for turning me on to that.

never mind I found it, it’s the secret tooki map quest on maxroll gg for anyone curious in the future.

It’s Port Krona

1 north vern , at the port , don’t look up guides , it’s fun
2 it’s the mokoko ship skin , you use those for extra speed boost

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oH ya I almost forgot. what about the keg thing. What do you do with those?

u answered my thing when I was typing it lol nice.