Craft Abyss Equipment everywhere

Is there a reason why being able to craft tier 3 abyss equipment is not available on every continent? If there’s a legitimate reason, please let us know, but for me, I don’t see the point in having to travel to punika every single time on my main and my alts just to craft it when every level of chaos dungeons / abyss raid / abyss dungeons, etc is available on every continent regardless of the item level that you’re currently at.


i wish you can also buy any of the tier accessories from the abyss shop.

Welcome to the community, danyiel!

Before I send your feedback to the development team, I have a small question.

Can you provide a scenario where your suggestion would positively impact your gameplay? While I definitely understand where you’re coming from, I need to be sure I send detailed and thorough feedback to the development team.

Looking forward to your reply!

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This makes so much sense. If you’re on another continent waiting for something to spawn (boss or island or event, etc) and finish an Abyss Dungeon and go to upgrade, you have to wait until after the event or go all the way to Punika and then go all the way back. Bifrosts are not always up and available. It’s just more convenient to do it where you are when you think about doing it.

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I’m not OP but I’ll answer as well and I guess it’s similar reason. Not everyone’s favourite continent is Punika to camp with every character.

Yeah of course. For example, my main is 1400 and my alts are all 1340+. Because of Una’s tasks, wandering merchants, rapports and etc, I usually set my bifrosts and song of return to cover all continents so I only have one character set to Punika. So if one of my alts was in East Luterra I have to either sail all the way to Punika to craft a tier 3 weapon/armor or use the ocean liner. Having the abyss equipment crafter able to craft all levels of items/armors in any continent makes it better so that I don’t have to waste time and silver trying to get to the further continent on the map. Crafting items made only respectively availble to the continent’s ilevel when I can do practically anything anywhere (dungeons, raids, etc) just seems counter intuitive to me. Hope that clarifies.

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Everytime I remember to craft t3 abyss equipment… I’m not in Punika and just not bather at all since I have other alts to tend to. :frowning: I don’t really camp at Punika since my last 2 Una’s Task I do daily are in Feiton so I’m usually at Kalaja to do my daily guardian raids and chaos dungeons. It feels inconvenient overall.


i would probably agree with the posts if it was a daily thing or happened more frequently, but how many times per week you have to drag your main/alt there ? once ? twice max ? just sound like lazyness to me

i mean argos is once a week and yet it’s available on every major continent. i don’t have the energy to do all 4 abyss dungeons on one day so yeah, im not going to punika once a week or twice a week. im on the sixth igneas token, I wouldn’t call my progress lazy.

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Hello everyone, thanks for the great feedback and scenarios! I’ll get this thread to the development team for further review.

Have an amazing day :wave: .

thanks for taking the time to look over the feedback!

Thank YOU for the feedback and being awesome :sunglasses:.

I also would love this, and was just talking about it with guildmates yesterday in game! I’ve been finding myself in Luterra a lot lately, and it would be nice to be able to craft on level Abyss gear there.

Thanks for sending the feedback to the team!

Yeah it is very annoying that you need to run around and waste time due to abyss crafters not being able to craft all the abyss armors.

I mean it wound be like having to travel to a different continent to hone different gear tiers or actually run different tier dungeons…but we do not need to do this thus the abyss crafters should be the same, simply as QoL thing and to follow the same pattern instead of being the oddball.

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This annoying shi% needs to be fixed, every continent should have T1/T2/T3 Abyss crafter.

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