Craft bonus glitched?

i had like 3-4 bonus pops on crafting in early days and now with even more +to craft bonus i have had 0 in over 3 months whats up with the crafting ? do you have to do mega bulk craft to get a pop or is it bugged with the other issues weve faced seem sus to have no crafts pop a proc

It’s most likely a super low chance.
I had it proc just last week.

percent odds, a mystery we’ll never fathom. No seriously, i had two bonus crafts last week. So everything is fine, just because you are unlucky or lucky does not always have to be bugged. It’s funny that nobody ever asks that if they make it on the first try with a 10 percent upgrade chance

welp should be ok then ill keep an eye on it can i ask what sh bonuses your running ? i wonder if theres a bug with that maybe causing it