Crafted gear shouldn't show up on skill transfer

Going through my skill transfers for the day I accidentally attempted to skill transfer a level 2 tripod over my level 1 tripod without looking at what piece I was using, boom my Valtan chest is gone, 10/17 of the demon beast veins I got for the week are gone along with the 400 gold.

Obviously this is my bad, I could have paid better attention, I could have transferred gear into it when I got it so it would become in not transferable, I could have just waited until I got next week’s veins and made both pieces and transfered them right away. I don’t think I should have to do that though. I don’t even know why these crafted pieces come with skill tree stuff on them in the first place.

In the grand scheme of things it won’t matter that much, I just need to win the auction box next week and I’ll still have my two set on time. I’m not actually angry about it, just annoyed with myself for being negligent.

Regardless, I don’t think you should be able to gimp yourself this hard for not paying attention. It’s an easy fix and doesn’t mess up anything for anybody. Either make the gear not skill transferable right off the bat, or make them not come with skill tree nodes in the first place.

If the argument against the change is “but people might want to use their mats to craft legendary gear to find the right tripods” then I’ll tell you it costs way more to craft the gear for a chance than it does to buy specific gear off the market including pheon price. I can’t think of any other argument to prempt.

All I’m asking is a nice quality of life change so that something like this doesn’t happen to another sorry soul who was just going through the daily motions. Especially if they didn’t win the box and were suddenly locked out of their second week two set.