Crafted legendary gloves, but never received them

Was crafting 2 pieces of gear after killing Argos, made pauldrons and gloves.

I never received my gloves even though it says I received them.

Anyone experience this? Anything I can do?

Hello @blankspot998, hope you’re well.

I’m sorry that the items that you crafted are missing, please make sure to check every inventory, including your pet’s and personal storage.

If you still can’t find your equipment, please reply with a screenshot of your inventories and the name and server of your character.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply, have a nice day in Arkesia!

Not sure what happened to them honestly.

Lochness, on Azena

Check to see if u claimed the glove from the abyssal crafter.

Hello @blankspot998, sorry for the delay and thanks for providing this information.

After researching it seems that your crafted gloves were used as a material for a Skill Tree Transfer, unfortunately this action cannot be undone.