Crafted vykas relic gear missing

Hi, would like to make a report on a missing relic glove i crafted before the weekly reset. I’m sure I did not destroy it or dismantle it as it would leave me with some crafting materials but I have none. I found out recently when I’m crafting other relic gears for matching sets.

Server: EU Central - Nineveh
Character: Seabunnie

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here’s some pics for reference

Hello @saynitizer89

Welcome to the forums I hope you are having a great week so far and apologize about this unexpected situation where apparently the item is lost.
I would like to help as I can here thank you for providing your account information. By any chance do you remember the date and time when you craft the relic?

I’ll be around hero!

The date I think would be 11th July, time probably 18:00-20:00 server time. I have discord raid recruitment on so hopefully my timing isn’t too far off :sweat_smile:

Hey @saynitizer89

Thank you for all the information provided this seems to be a very specific issue so I would recommed to contact the support chat to create a web ticket in order to take the necessary actions on the case.

Keep gaming hero!

Did you check your pet storage or regular storage?

Thank you! I’ve submitted a ticket :+1:

checked everywhere. with sorting etc to rearrange my storage no luck :pensive:

Maybe you scrapped it?

If i scrap it i would have some vykas wings leftovers :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, same problem here but with Earth’s Entropy Pants. I am on Nineveh too, and I crafted on 15 or 16 july. Did your ticket worked? Have you got your missing piece back?

I haven’t scrapped a piece of vykas/valtan gear yet, but does it even give their material back?

Also, double check your auto-salvage just incase it’s set too high up :sweat_smile:

Good Luck, Adventurer!

did you use it as tripod material? Mostly likely.