Crafting Recipe Addition

My lab is at level 2 and I am wanting to continue working on my crafting and have crafted all the recipes that I am able too. ATM I am wanting to craft items covered under Crafting Recipe Addition but I am unable to. I am just wondering what type of Coin is needed to do these recipes ? It looks like gold coins are needed which I have but it shows that I have none, so I am wondering what type of coin is used if not a gold coin ?
Iv just been playing for just over a week and have been unable to find any help on YouTube or Google Searches.
Please Help this newbie

Hello @DevinnDark,

Welcome to the forums, I will gladly help you with this issue! :smiley:

Could you please provide some screenshots of the things you wanna craft? :slight_smile:


I hope this helps

Yes @DevinnDark the screenshots gave me the information needed.

The coin you need is called Gold, you can get Gold by doing a various activities in-game or purchase it from the in-game store too!

Let me know if you have any other questions! :wink:


I thought it was gold coins but I have 88 gold coins on my char so why am I unable to research this and all the recipes below it ?

Okay I think I figured out the problem, I have 88 ancient gold coins and not gold coins.
Thank you very much for your help Jormungandrh

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