Crash and lost Abissal Dungeon

My game crashed and I was disconnected when was doing [HARD] Airas’s Oculus… when my teamates saw that i was disconnected, they gave up the dungeon! When I returned I realized that I lost my WEEKLY entrance in 5 min dungeon. What can I do?

Hello @FabMtt !

It is hard to read every time a player looses an entry due to technical problems, I’m truly sorry about that.

Thank you for reaching out regarding the loss of your ability to participate in Airas’s Oculus due to service issues. At this time, we’re not able to re-grant the ability to participate in limited entry activities.

You’ll be able to participate in weekly events after the weekly reset that happens Thursdays at 10am UTC. To enter events which require Entrance Tickets, you’ll need to gain additional tickets via Chaos Dungeon drops or Exchange merchants.

I hope you have a good adventure on Arkesia!

Still a problem over a month in game, but hei, we got new skins to buy. #priorities