Crash during Valtan

Is there any chance to get a reentry to valtan if game crashed and the party took the loot but not me?

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Hello @mrtmoly;

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I’m really sorry to hear about this disconnection during Valtan.

I understand that this situation is very frustrating and that’s why you normally get the restoration ticket on your game mail. Still, in some cases a replacement ticket may not be sent if it’s determined that the disconnection was not due to an error on our side, so please be aware of this too.

In case you have any more questions you can contact us here and via live chat.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the understanding.

My group and I got disconnected from my Aira’s Oculus Hard Abyss because of the 3:15PM hotfix and got no compensation. It is very clear and officially stated that it was because of server backend. It is very, very frustrating that only some selected players seem to get compensation. Because of your bad working system I can’t go raiding with my friends as planned since I really needed those legendary mats that I would have gotten. This really sucks and it is more than unfair that some people seem to get compensation while others won’t. Your excuses are bad and you blame the players for having the issues on their site for not having to give compensation.

Server: EUW-Punika
Character: Shakastra

It happens to me too. I didnt receive a restoration ticket on my game mail, no rewards also.

Server maintenance kicked us out, and i lost the entry count for the 2nd gate. how should i proceed with this?

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Also got DCed due to servers going down, and now whole group cannot enter 2nd gate.

Also got DCed via maintenance, and cannot enter 2nd gate. Have a video link:

Hello @Slackshot, @alexabainza26, and @Kaistarika;

I’m really sorry to hear what happened with this. In this case, we are not able to re-issue an entry ticket since the maintenance schedule is posted on the forums and on the main page so that players know when servers are going to be off and they can take precautions to avoid doing some content during that period.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the understanding.

Nothing about maintenance indicates “if you are playing when this happens you will lose your ability to play the content for the rest of the week”.

Also why is it that you said with other disconnect a replacement ticket will be issued?

Didn’t you guys implement a system to fix issues just like this? Where we get our entry count restoration ticket mailed?

you post your maintenance schedule during midnight for EU people and expect us to keep refreshing the forum for constant daily maintenance notice? how come there is still no in game maintenance banner that warns people. dont mention about that 1 pixel maintenance line that pops in 30 min before the maintenance begins.

Also the fact that our entry is consumed if get dc and no reward makes 0 sense. why not just implement a QoL that stops consuming the damn entry before killing the damn boss and getting the reward? do explain thanks

Do you expect all your players to lurk on Twitter and Forums 24/7? As you can see that doesn’t work at all.

no one ever said maintenance in raid will cost 1 entry count. i dont think there is anything on official announcement ever mentioned this.

@Ymir @Roxx

So does server maintenance not count as “server side issues”?

It’s very common in games for people to play right up until the servers go down, but you’re saying that in this case we are just locked out for the week?


Ymir seems to be saying that we will not get it due to losing it from maintenance.

Any official announcement states player gonna lose the count if it interrupts by the maintenance?

It’s our responsibility to keep track of non-standard maintenance times in order to avoid getting screwed over by technical issues?
We can’t just play the game and have to worry about all the problems that can happen due to things on your side?

You are supposed to do Valtan by this:

Run to pillar
While Valtan charges, check the forum fast.
Dps, try to break armor, run to the next pillar
When Valtan charges, check the forum fast.

AT 130 bars use Balthorr’s skill and check forum while the animation goes off.

At 110 bars the players who are hiding behind pillars are checking the forums and the main page for announcement.

At 85, you stand in the right part of the arena and check the forum while the arena breaks.

At 65 bars, this is risky. You are doing everything except the forum mechanics and hope that the forum mechanic won’t happen and won’t wipe the raid.

At 40 bars you do the same as you did at 85 bar.

At 15 bars, after dodging you hide behind pillar and check forums.


its fine i didnt get the reward on gate 1 but i cant enter gate 2 which i didnt even finished. its say i already completed valtan without finishing gate 2. doesnt make sense to me I completed valtan that way.

My group got caught off guard from Mari server issues and the maintenance. We had a static time to try Valtan Normal to blind prog it at 11 PM, and due to server issues, we tried to do it earlier but could only do it at 11:30 due to long queue times. We wanted to get some time to prog and try it… We weren’t aware that if we stayed until it kicked us out, we would not be able to re-enter. For Mari, this is definitely not just a maintenance issue, but also a server issue and if we don’t get compensated, this will leave a really bad taste to some of us who were looking forward to blind-progging it. From how it looks, we barely got to try the fight and now we are kept out. Why wasn’t there a warning in the maintenance message on the forums or twitter or anything? @Ymir

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What about server issues on Mari in addition to maintenance. Am I really not going to be able to try Valtan with my friends because we wanted to try it out for 20 minutes before maintenance?? We were still progging Gate 1.