Crash - Lost Rewards

I have had my game crash about 5 times now, three times in a Legion raid and two times in hall of sun runs. All of these crashes, were not to do with my internet or computer, as they are both really good. The game just states that its disconnected from the server. The legion raids were two from Twisting Chaos, one from twisting demon. It would be great if I could get some compensation.

Region: NA East
Server: Azena
IGN: Zetsukoni

Hello there @Zetsukoni, welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry to hear about this situation with your game crashes, I know how frustrating this can be. We have a system that handles this issue, as we are unable to manually grant any re entry tickets.

Please read this post for the full information about this:

A few key points I wish to highlight and the first one is very important in this case:

  1. The system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects.

  2. Receiving your replacement weekly entry may not be immediate — delivery could take up to a day, and the appropriate ticket will be delivered to your in-game mailbox when it arrives.

Let me know if you have any other questions!