Crash on Guardian Raid enter

Just experienced a crash when confirmed entering to Night Fox Guardian raid. It has never happened to me before. When i reconnected, all party members experienced the same crash.

Edit: Region: EUC, Server: Thirain



It happened to me twice yesterday night lost the rest bonus loot on calvensus on an alt. Never happened before, I think my pc requirement with an RTX2070 + Ryzen 7 should be enough for it. So i think it might be something else since now other people are facing the same issue.

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same, still instant dc when entering dungeon…

exactly this happened to me too, i was worried it was the whole server

Can confirm that this is happening again when i tried to do the guardian for the second time

This doesnt look like HW issue but the latest game build. I have never experienced this behaviour before

Yeah I’ve crashed twice now while trying to enter gaurdian raids, i’ve literally never had the game crash on me before, everyone else in my guardian raid crashed too it seems when i logged back in as they were all offline as well

Checking in with the same problem. Crashing loading into the guardian raid and crash when I try to load back in. Fwiw I’ve never had crashes before loading in.

Happening to me too. Has never happened before today’s update. Twice in a row now.


Our team is aware of this issue and are working on a resolution!


I’m glad I’m not alone in this. Well, not glad, but good to see it’s not a “me” problem.

are we get these weeky re entry tickets if we lost our weekly entry for abyss etc. because of server down and or crash ? @TrevzorFTW

i also lost my weekly entrance for arias oculus hard mode cause servere crash-.- is there a possibility to get it back

Same for me and my friends, we where on Aira’s Oculus, and before to kill the first boss, servor Crashed, and now entrance is lock and we dont get the final rewards.

Just tried to enter a Boss rush. And screen loaded half way then was disconnected :frowning:

i was wondered if was posted about this,seems it is,was wondering why game decided to crash randomly on this,also rip rest 100 -_-

Bruh it crashes on everything. Load to abbys>crash; load back to town>crash; load any instance>crash; click character profile the way game doesn’t seem to like>crash; Crash>crash to crash :sob:

Getting crashes on load screens into instances!

any ETA on it?