[CRASH] "Time To Heal" Ealyn Rapport Quest

  • Character name: Bigdeeps
  • Problem that occurred: Crash
  • Time and date: multiple times between 12:30pm-1:30pm PST on March 19, 2022
  • World/Server: US West - Enviska
  • Location where the problem occurred: Adventurer’s Guild, Rania Village, North Vern
  • Any action that may be taken to reproduce the problem: I started to experience the crash upon progressing through Ealyn’s Rapport quest chain “Time To Heal”, she is at Friendly Rank 2. I had just spoken to Gideon, then moved into the adjacent room to use my “F5” key to progress the quest in a mini snenario/dungeon. I then experienced a hard crash and computer freeze. The only way to get back to a normal operating environment was to sign out of Windows (via control+alt+delete) and then sign back in. I then booted up Lost Ark, logged into Bigdeeps, and then immediately experienced the same crash during the load screen. I tried this 3 more times and received the crash each time

Thanks for your time!

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  • Character name: Turcea
  • Problem that occurred: Crash
  • Time and date: multiple times at 1:00am EET on March 22, 2022
  • World/Server: EU Central - Slen
  • Same problem described on the post above.

Thank you for your time!