Crash to desktop with no error. The game and anything related to it get closed instantly

What title says. I keep having crashes to desktop all the time. Mostly happens when I open ingame menus/windows like Una Task and Guild. Also happens when I go to Chaos Dungeon and Guardian Raids.

Things I’ve done so far:

Reinstalled Windows (I had to do this anyway bcuz I didnt format my system for about 1 year. I had GPU driver crashing all the time in any games and thought a fresh OS installation might fix the issue and it did.)

Redownloaded the game (I wanted to do fresh install of the game as well but I backed up and use configs/settings file and screenshots file of my old installation.)

Uninstalled, deleted, redownloaded and reinstalled Easy Anti Cheat (Before doing this one I got a BSOD and minidump logs clearly showed it happened bcuz of EAC. After that BSOD I did all the above mentioned actions and I didnt get any BSOD yet.)

Checked game files integrity (I had to do this in order to redownload EAC files I deleted.)


Windows 10 Pro 64bit - 22H2
I7 4770 (not K model)
R9 290 (Radeon 22.6.1 driver - No user OC, using “2” on Dual BIOS Switch)
16GB RAM (800 MHz, No user OC afaik I havent checked it)

While I was posting this topic, I got my game screen frozen but any other things were working fine. I could hear background music, move my cursor and (hearing sound affects when cursor was on a player or NPC), walk my character and heard its footsteps.

Screen was like this:

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I’m sorry you’re having this experience with the game crashing while playing.

If the issue persists after all those steps you did , the scenario will require our tech team to look into your logs and follow up directly with other possibly sensitive account information that is best not posted on the forums so it would be best if you could please create a web ticket by going to

Select In-game Issues → Something Else → Contact Us → Web ticket.

Thank you very much for your patience.

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Ticket sent. Thank you for the reply and information @Eulah .

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yup sometimes i got this issued crashed no error… im just lazy to do the paper works

system i5-12400+gtx1060+16gb ram xmp at 2400mhz

Character switching is a guaranteed crash to desktop for me now. Una tasks screen, market, clan screen also cause crash but not as consistent as character switch.

I’ve been dealing with this same issue and have not found a fix. The game is basically unplayable… Have you found any fix yet? I’ve followed the 10 steps provided by AGS but did not resolve.

  1. Verify and repair game files
  2. Close unnecessary background programs
  3. Update your graphics driver
  4. Make sure your system is up-to-date
  5. Check your antivirus software
  6. Turn off overlays
  7. Perform a clean boot
  8. Try on a different server
  9. Scan and repair Windows
  10. Make sure both Lost Ark game and Steam app is installed on the same place/drive

Hey @Painmerchant

I apologize you’re still having issues with game crashing.

If the issue persist after all those steps you tried , this will require our tech team to look into your logs and investigate how we can help you to reach a solution.

So please submit a web ticket for our team on the link provided above:

Please include the forum link if possible for the next person to have more context about the situation.

Thank you for all the patience,
Enjoy your week

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I got an answer to my ticket. It had some basic troubleshooting steps. A regular copy-paste answer. But I tried some of the suggested steps (and ignored ones like “check your GPU driver”) anyway. So far nothing fixed my issue.

As a plus, one of the hard disks I have gets %100 usage during the EAC splash until either game’s own splash or the game client pops up. The mention hard disk is not the installation directory of Lost Ark, and it is not used as disk memory (I mean it doesnt have pagefile.sys), weird. Also after one of the crash to desktops, I got a BSOD of “ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORY (be)”

I’m thinking to reformat my computer again but I need a new USD stick, last one I was using died :Sadge:

I did a clean Windows installation again, still crashing to desktop without any errors. And the last reply I got to my ticket:

Let’s hope it is not a Jebait.

Seems like my issue is fixed. I was able to play without any crash to desktop. After I reinstalled Windows second time, I have done the following changes. So either one, some or all them is fix.

  1. Installed Windows update " KB5022906 "

  2. I made sure my R9 290 is using “BIOS 2” properly. ( Powered up my system when the BIOS switch is on “1” once then closed down the system and then do same when the BIOS switch is on “2”.)

  3. Removed my CMOS battery everytime I changed the BIOS switch on my GPU to clear CMOS.

I’m not sure which one of those above actions actually fixed the issue on my side but I wanted to share to inform other ppl with the same issue.

I wonder if it wasn’t the Windows update. I’ve been having better luck since my previous posts with this crashing issue, but hadn’t made any of those changes. I disabled a lot of user services and downgraded to DX9. Will be a good test now that I’m forced back into using DX11 and go the same answer you did with no resolution to the issue. Basically it sounds like they have no clue how to fix the issue and don’t care about losing a few players because of it.

I wonder if it wasn’t the Windows update

I have no idea. I didnt do any action one by one so I cannot narrow down anything.

While I was having crash to desktop issue I didnt test my system behaviour on other games much but I had the similar crash issue once while I was playing Mafia 2 Classic on Steam. And the crash happened like 3-5 hours later. Yesterday the same happened again, played Mafia2C for about 2-3 hours and got crashed to desktop w/o error. So I cannot blame Lost Ark much. I suspect my system, but I cannot blame it either bcuz of Windows.