Crashed at end of Argos P3 and couldn't take the box

The game crashed straight to the desktop just before the end of Argos P3. After it finally logged me back in, I was met with the error messages featured in this image. I’m asking for the box I earned. Other MMOs I’ve played where players disconnect during a raid still get the loot they earned when logging back in. Whether you’re dead or disconnected from the game, you’re character is in the raid and therefore should be awarded the loot earned from the raid. Players being penalized because of unforeseen circumstances is unfair.

Please assist and forward this issue to the development team. I’ve seen plenty of other players experience this issue but haven’t heard any progress towards a fix being implemented.

Hello @MaulScarreign,

I am sorry to hear your lost the rewards for Argos, from our end we are unable to issue items to your character, only the automated system is able to provide those rewards or the re-entry ticket within 24 hours of the error to your in-game mail, I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope you have a great rest of your day.

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