Crashes - help or my loss?

I crashed twice within 10 mins, and I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t steal my 2 chaos runs for the day both with fully rested. Says I have zero Aura of Resonance now and I’m missing two bars of rested.

i keep crashing too

crashed in chaos dung and while doing an event

If I didn’t lose those runs and rest I’d just wait it out, but those were gonna get me to the next tier today.

Lots of people having the issue now… seems to be affecting all servers and is not isolated to any specific part of the game.

My guess is a bug in the new anti-bot code

It’s looking like possibly a region issue for US-West presently? Every server is in “Good” and all the busy statuses are gone. Everyone is having crashes from 5 seconds to connecting, to up to a couple minutes. I DC on all my characters within 5 seconds of connecting.

I know they will fix the servers, I’m just wondering seeing if they will compensate the loss.

Yeah, I’m in Mari.

Join a live chat with amazon, I lost my boss rush ticket and they’re putting in a ticket for me to help get it back. (not sure if they can help with dungeon stuff like that but it’s worth a shot)

Where’s the live chat?

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Yes where is the live chat option? In game?

Live chat told, ‘i’m sorry we don’t have any access to any ingame materials :(’ after I requested compensation for losing (2) weekly Abyssal Dungeons.

Normally failing an Abyssal doesn’t matter, but apparently being kicked by the server results in the ‘Weekly entry count exceeded’ message for both.

Im on EUC server and it kicked me from dungeon few times already. So looks like its global.