Crashing constantly

so for the past 3-4 days, every time i try to play lost ark , my internet keeps cutting out, and before anyone says that it’s a problem with my router or such , it doesn’t happen with other games or just watching stuff on youtube, but the moment i start playing Lost ark, it cuts off for 5-10 seconds at a time, sometimes it comes back and i can keep playing but most times it just makes the game crash, i can only play for at least 5-10 mins tops, this is really annoying, i love the game and i want to keep playing but with this issue i can’t do my dailies because it crashes and locks me out for the day/week…

Hello @Pinkmiss,

Thank you so much for bringing this situation to our forums and thank you so much for being a valuable player! :sparkles:

Whenever the game crashes due to a disconnection are you receiving any kind of error code?

this is the error message, i have seen this message 80+times for the past days

crashed again, 15th time since daily reset, i can’t do anything significant for progress since i don’t know when it will crash and i might get locked out of chaos dungeons/guardian raids, come on, you guys keep saying you want people to be 1415 yet when the game is unplayable due to issues on your end you are very very quiet


Thank you so much for sharing the error codes!

At this moment our devs are aware of some stability situations with the servers and they are working non-stop to resolve it.

May I ask if you have try any troubleshooting step so far?

i tried verifying files, re-installing the game, updating my windows, disabling my firewall, adding the game to the firewall exception list, staring the game as admin, nothing worked , from what i’ve seen during 1am and 5 am it’s more stable , still crashing , but less frequent , trying to play during the day is basically self torture…


I’m really sorry to hear that and I can imagine its very frustrating to play like that.

I also understand that you have tried most of the things that we normally recommend, but just to make sure you are playing on a wired connection right?

If yes then its most likely to be part of this situation with the stability of the servers and has I mentioned before we are still investigating what is causing this.

Please reach out to our live customer service so they can escalate this on a ticket and our devs to see the impact of this.

I appreciate your patience with this and if you need anything else please let me know!

it is wired connection anywhere between 1GB to 2GB , and i tried to do customer service and the agent instead of helping he sent me a link to a unrelated forum post that had a crash error message that was different than what i would get, offering no further help and ending with " please check this forum post, and thank you for contacting, have a great day "

I want to apologize for that experience and I will make sure to escalate this contact.

Is not really fair for me to ask but could you please contact them again? The ticket will help the devs to understand the impact of the situation.