Crashing in alt tab and about loading time

Didn’t manage to get a screenshot of it because i was panicking to login fast, but sometimes when i alt tab back in i see a error message and game closes.

Today is the third time i alt tab back in 2 min before an event pops out, find error message that closes my game only after i press ok, and then relog takes 4 minutes on a ssd so the island is gone with a 3+h respawn timer…

What settings are you using? Window Mode? Borderless Window? etc.

I am using Window Mode, and do not have any crash issues like you described. can give that or bordless window mode a try.

You should also post this in Bug forum instead of general discussion, might get more help there.

True, but i didnt have the error code, next time i will do it.
I’m using full screen in every game because i lose fps/get stutter in windows (very good pc).
3 times in 300h isn’t worth the stutter, tough the timing is annoying, i’m more annoyed by the loading time with ssd lol