"Crashing to desktop"

Issue: game randomly stalls (not freezes, I can type and move my cursor etc.), then pops up a window saying → pictures related, when I click ok, it crashes to desktop. The error message reads that it can’t connect to the server - while I’m obviously connected, I’m usually watching / listening to streams/podcasts while grinding so my network is not the problem here - I have 300Mbit fiber via Ethernet, I never use WiFi.

Server is EUC.

This has been happening since I’ve started doing “endgame” content mainly dungeons like abyss, chaos, guardian raids etc., I’ve also seen other people have that happen to me when they got back into the game - explaining the same issue (really annoying having to do whole raids missing 1 person)

First time today happened same thing for me, but after that i can’t connect to game, when i choose server and try to connect it says “an error has occured. Exiting game” without code, nothing. :neutral_face:

Sorry about that, for me It’s always possible to get back in ASAP, thank god we have no more queues.

Just this time, like shown on the screenshots, the “crash” or error or however you want to call it happened 2 times in a row, in the same raid, with the same people. I imagine the reported me to hell for this shit…


I’ve never had internet problems, everything on websites, streams works correctly. Then i can’t even log in…
Server Neria :confused:


Yeah I’m on Neria as well

Yeah, same Neria :neutral_face:
Edit: I can even connect to EUW but not a single server on EUC

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This particular error is coded to encompass a wide variety of things.
The devs will tell you its most likely a local network issue, ask you to verify your files and then
spend 30 days telling you its you and your isp. Find a way to establish a better connection.
Its also been said that the issue with constant disconnects was a ‘regional’ matter in france with the ISP orange.
We are still trying to get them to communicate with us but… well you can see my post and the one its tied too its a LOT to read over.

I can’t connect to any EUC servers as well