Creator's Program - Waiting

Hello Team,

I was wondering how long must I wait to get a reply on the creator’s program?

I’ve submitted multiple times over the months and was wondering if I could get finally accepted?

Hello @onCruiseCTRL, welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reaching out about this issue, for any concerns regarding the creator program you can send your queries here:

I hope that information is useful!



I’ve sent about 10 emails to that email address with no replies. Any other ideas?

Do you have any other ways I can get in contact? I’ve sent way too many emails to there.

It’s simple bro. Patience gets you a lot further in life than bugging the heck out of people. They a lot of people applying for creator fund, take the time while you are waiting to hear from them to work on yourself and your patience.

So is 6 months waiting without making a forum post enough? Or are you going to make more assumptions about other people while preaching?

Currently that is the only method to contact the team in charge of this topic.