Cristaline aura, option to turn off

Last week I made the “mistake” of buying 180 days of cristaline aura with real money, as more days you buy, more cheap is the deal.
Since yesterday there are queues in my server because bots. I decided to play in my server because wasn’t popular and didn’t make a queeu since week 1. As a casual player I can’t affort 1h of que every day so could be so cool the option to turn off the cristaline aura. If I can’t play the game because there no solution to bots at least give me options to save the aura for later )when you find a solution to the real problem here)

thank you for your patience

no it cant be stop. and the purchase is final and non refundable.

I know it, for this reason I made the suggestion/feedback to make it possible…
Imagine every time you want to watch a film in netflix you have to wait 1hour… Cristaline aura is the subscription service of the game

tbh they give compensation like 3d aura or smth

They did, you don’t consume all of the aura items that you receive at once. If you used all them at once that is your fault.

Can you please read before reply?What items are you talking about? I bought 180 days of cristaline aura last week before the queues,180 days, not 5+5+5+5+5+5+5…
And why Is my fault that i’m losing the aura stuck in a queue because they dont find a solution for bots? I have to pay the problem? Explain me

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Prob a solution can be like “WoW” if your not playing the game you can send a ticket and ask to stop/refund the days that you lost, but obviously you dont need to login or play so that can work as an exception.