Cristalline Aura and Twitch Drops disappeared

after getting through the queue issues and finally managing to log in, I create a character on the Antares server (EU). I then log in to twitch, watch the required streams for the required amount of time and claim the drops. After 24hrs, my roster inventory shows 5 out of 50 items in it, but it’s not able to load due to the known issues with the market. I do not claim the drops, instead, I wait for another queue to reach my friends on the Neria server (EU) (and where I plan to actually redeem the loot) after it has been open to free-to-play players. After logging in, I see that the drops and the aura that I have not claimed on the other server are not present (despite being told in another post for reference). I look at the post saying that this is a known issue, so I wait for today’s patch and pray for a positive outcome.
This morning I log in to see the worst has happened: everything is gone. From both servers. The roster inventory is empty.

I understand you guys are under a lot of pressure with this really large influx of people and issues, I just want to know if there is any way I can get my items back.