Cristalline Aura disappeared!

Server: Kadan
Also missing both aura and steam and have been logged in quite a while now, when will this be fixed?

And same here. I have some stuff that i bought still pending in somewhere, and aura is not active.


Same here,
Server EU - Zinnervale
Character name : Sahaladin

Shop still not working, even after 8 hours in game. Users can not access their items, auras etc.

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bei mir taucht Garnichts wieder auf, nicht nur das ihr das mit den Server nicht hinbekommt, jetzt passiert auch noch sowas.

in den letzten zwei Jahren lief bei keinem neuen Spiel alles gut, aber das was ihr hier abliefert ist mit abstand das schlechteste was ich je erlebt habe.

und der scheiß Shop geht auch nicht

Server: Wei
Charakter: Reidra

Thanks, we have confirmed that the items are not completely gone from accounts, just not appearing or accessible at the moment. A fix is still being worked on.


It’s not coming back why should I wait? 40 days of Crystaline no aura. It’s not my problem, I paid money for this plugin, it’s a big problem. I can log in in 10 hours and the crystaline auro never comes. It’s nothing but disgrace. Mediocre.

Yeah, product inventory is saying I have 1 / 50 item available in the header and on icon badge, but content is acutally not showing up. Seems like issue with shop server. Even shop is not working all day.

Region: EU
Server: Kadan
Name: Atrenea
Same problem as everyone else, logged in after 5 hour queue and aura was gone alongside with my claimable items and blue crystals


Its just a mess, everything AGS have touched is an absolute mess. I feel so bad for the CMs trying to fight this fire of the customers getting a sub par service.

I cannot believe that management at AGS are so out of touch or dillusional to think they are any good at what they are doing. Sadly the exact same issues that plagued New World are happening again with Lost Ark - its just terrible, its sad really, really sad. As i said i feel sorry for people like Roxx who grabs a bit of sleep to wake up to the forums on fire.

I dont think anyone should be fired or held responsible etc, its just AGS as a unit, they arent good enough to handle large scale multiplayer online games. Something is majorily wrong.

Región: UE
Servidor: Kadan
Nombre: Nisaki

El mismo problema que el resto he reiniciado el juego por si se solucionaba pero tengo que esperar una cola de 20000 para saber si en verdad he recuperado el aura cristalina.

Same here, aura just puff gone
Steam ID: 76561198081841431
Char Name: Yhanea
Server: Central EU Nineveh
Reloging does not help

same here and also Purple cristal dont show

PG: Jaky

Same problem as the rest of the guys lost cristalline aura around 30 days or more , from bronze founder pack, twitch drops and prime gaming.

Server : Kadan
Char Name : Mevios

reloging does not help …

Same Problem, no aura.

Server: Azena
Charracter: Phonebooth

The same problem. Cannot receive purchased objects and a Twitch drop.

Server: Zinnervale
Name: Kâshima

Relogging does not work. Chaning characters does not works. I have had this issue since yesterday night.

Server: neira
Name: Soundsonic

I cant use 30+3 day christal aura + market place + zero shop gem… Relog not working.

id: 76561198017848033

Same issue. Relogging does not help
Server: Kadan
Name: Pandispan

Same problem, after 1h of play aura doesnt come back, shop isnt working too.

Server: Neira
Name: Sorcsorc

Same problem here:

Server: Neria
Name: Illmind