Cristalline Aura missing / Shop under maintenance bug

Hello, i have been noticing that many players from Neria in particular are having issues with their Cristalline Aura not being present ( myself included ) as well as the shop not working.

I checked one of the other threads about this, and looked like the majority of the problems were in Neria.

Can someone from the staff have a look at it?
I wasn’t able to find any official response regarding this issue. I also have submitted a ticket through mail.


I have the same issues.

  1. My Store in-game from 3 days is not working and under maintenance.
  2. My Vanguard Pack is not avaiable to claim because of Store error.
  3. My Crystaline Aura dissapeard today after logging in and now I see it’s on second server where I just created character as alt when Neria is full.

Same issue and for Abyssal Dungeon it’s a pain !

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I hope to have this fixed soon. Many would like to use Mari’s shop, but it’s impossible this way.

same issues also on the same server
Upon the restarts mentioned on there twitter post Neira was not one of them, Im close to giving up with this game and there trash support. Its honestly a joke at this point.

I had such a problem that I changed the server to play with my friends and then come back to Nerie again when I came back, I had no aura and I can’t open the store, or even receive a twitch drop, because it is sent to another server on which I do not play (also on that server. I have an aure)

Welcome in hell my friend, now there is two of Us here xd


This issue has been going on since launch, it started out as only needing 5mins to update but now has bricked itself by not working all together for the last 3 day, This is slowly becoming an issue of ‘consumer law’, This is a paid service. I am also on Neria with the same issue.

last update: “Thanks, the team is on investigating this for folks that do not see it reappearing as well” - Roxx

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Yup they dont care, we paid money for this and they just take it and run. Our server isnt even among the servers getting re booted (the ones on twitter). The Devs just favour NA and dont care about EU. Ive been on to there support countless amounts of times to the same rude response.