Crit rate is still broken

Any time you exceed 100% crit your crit rate wraps around to the lower rate … for example if you have 120 effective crit rate through stats and skills in reality you only have 20% crit rate … it is NOT a guaranteed crit hit like it should be. I’ve made more than one post about this and it’s still not fixed. My sharp shooter has the same exact issue. I’ve tested this over and over and over and the results is always the same, don’t let your skills raise the crit over 100% unless you want to never crit.

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That very well might be 50% increase to your current crit rate. If you have 10% crit rate your getting 5% added on twice to equal 20%

Im fairly certain crit rate tripods are multiplicative and not additive dispite what the descriptions say

It’s definitely not fully multiplicative. I just tested on my Glaivier with the same skill and tripod setup and I was getting numbers in the 35-40% range for my crit chance in Trixion. I have a natural crit rate of 0.78%, so a multiplicative value would definitely not be getting my crit rate that high for the skill. That said, I’m not sure how the numbers are applying, since I’d expect either 100% chance or 75% (in the case that one tripod applies additively and the other multiplicatively). I also messed around in there on my Wardancer and if anything I was actually seeing a crit rate higher than what I would expect based on her numbers.

Anecdotally I can’t actually remember ever failing to crit with that skill in a real fight, so maybe there’s a bug somewhere in the Trixion training room’s environment.

Edit: After paying more attention to it now I’ve seen myself not crit with it, but in practice the rate seems a lot higher than what I was seeing in Trixion.

Hmmm interesting. Thanks for testing it

I didn’t think I needed to mention that I max my crit on every character … even if it was only adding 50% to my natural crit rate which is 60% in the stupid, over complicated way you describe I should be getting 90% on one skill … 60+30 is 90 since yall like to nit pick everything. When you add that 90 to another 30 (from the second skill adding another 50%) that’s 120%. That would be completely retarded to think though. That’s over complicating a simple thing. You all are trying to explain away a broken system. When it says 50% it means literally 50% … if your natural rate is 20% then it adds 50% to that to make 70%. It’s not some convoluted ridiculous tri blah blah shit. The simple answer and the right answer is crit is broken when it goes over 100%. Must be that common core math they tech you kids these days … 1+1 is 4(x)z65=2 for you right?

The short version is listed in my original post. I’ve tested it over and over on multiple alts … ITS BROKEN! I tested it for several hours on multiple alts. I can easily recreate the issue as often as and predictably as I like because it’s broken.

There is no way that any game would make crit flat additive is there?

If that was the case EVERY dps would run 100% crit and then push crit damage as their main damage source which would be game breakingly insane tbh

for the pic you put up assume base crit is 20%,
multiplicative would be base 20% +(*50%) +(*50%) = 45%
flat additive would be 20%+ flat 50% +flat 50% = 120%

Surely it would be the 45% not the 120% ?? if not then ppl gotta be changing everything to pure crit and faerolling everything lol

yes there is. In WF you can get 1600% crit and the chance itself can be multiplied x2 several times, that’s another level :slight_smile:

But even in LA it is additive

This is WD result (over 200 individual hits, all crits) with base crit rate +16%; “Crit Rate +11.6%” from buff, “Crit Rate +27.0%” on skill tripod, “Crit Rate +30%” on another skill tripod.

I also have something in between “Crit Rate +3%” and “Crit Rate +25%” from Solar/Midday buff on gear and hidden +10% crit rate bonus from back attacks, both additive.

And as a WD I debuff the boss for another +18% Crit Rate for the party (not applied here but it’s also additive to the rest).

You can also see there is no cap on it. There might be a cap on base stats contribution but not hard cap on final crit rate.

@OP: I am over 100% in this test and it never dropped low. So the specific buff is not working or is mistranslated and means something different but getting over 100% doesn’t mean it won’t crit as a general rule.

And just a disclaimer: don’t be alarmed… 100% crit is not full time job. Crit classes may go “crit damage” stat, but it still only have half of the effect due to natural diminishing return compared to normal +% damage you can also get.