Crit resistance? Crit chance? Lightning whisper? Striker mains!?

Hello guys I’m kinda confused with how crit increases are worded in this game, and how some say crit resistance -18%. By saying this, is it saying im getting increased 18 crit chance?

I seen a video explaining how to stack crit for like the keen blunt engraving. And the example they were using was a striker. They were saying that with adrenaline at 15%, plus lightning whisper at 18%, plus some 1445 armor piece gives around 25%. Adding all of those should put you around 53% crit chance. Which makes sense, but when I read lightning whisper it says it adds -18% crit resistances. Is this just worded poorly? Shouldn’t it say +18% crit chance? Or the guy in the video just make a mistake? Thanks in advance!

Only different is crit resistance reduction will benefit by all 8 man party 1 and 2. Not sure if there is synergy buff crit chance, but most synergy buff like attack speed or supports’ shell only works for party members. That’s why all good party should have a wardancer or a striker.

Other than that you can just think the crit resistance is a flat increase of you crit rate. Say your striker has 50% crit chance, when he hit boss with 18% crit resistance reduction. The real crit chance is 68%.

Does striker have Roar of Courage debuff skill like Wardancer? Because that’s only “-x crit resistance” I know. And no it doesn’t gives you x crit chance more. Debuffed target takes x crit dmg more.

Yeah striker has his own roar of courage. I believe the only thing he can‘t buff is the movement speed?

u dunno if this affects all 8 man raid; there were people saying that only affects party members, and because of it they were saying “that’s why u need crit synergy in both partys when doing hell mode”

Affects only parties. The misunderstanding comes from the skill applying a debuff on the boss which is an extremely counter intuitive way to apply to party only. But it has been proven to work like this

Are you sure of that

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U can think of it like

Withour LW:
Boss has 0% crit resi
u have 60% crit
so u will crit 60% of ur atacks

With LW:
boss has -18%crit resi
U have 60% crit rate
So unwill crit 78% of ur attacks.

But don’t appli this rule on 12% deff reduction.
This only works cause the boss has 0% base crit resi but no boss has 0 deff

So 12% deff reduction is only 6% dmg increase l.


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and -18% crit resistance is not 18% dmg increase … in some cases -18% crit is just 3-9% dmg incrrease

depending on engravings/base crit chance/ setbonus/ class

12 deff reduction can be more dmg for some people than -18% crit res

better have both in team

Due to crit chance has deminishing returns its nearly never 1% crit=1%dmg.

While 12% deff reduction always is 6%damage

you have to decide how you wanna talk about .

you cant say :

which is your own assumption and not objective science

and then you say 18% crit is 9% dmg . yes in theory it is , but in theory there are deminishing returns.

so what ? science or opinion what is now how you wanna do your statements ?

alot of classes have deminishing returns, because most build their builds like having no crit synergy.

same like trixion does not work for every class ( hitmaster vs backatack classes ) the same way

id rather build my char like i dont have always a crit debuff in group and then im perhaps happy if i have one , or been more happy always have a flat 6% dmg increase from a armor reduction. cause crit is still a chance , and if there is a crit debuff of 18% chance and you still have a non crit Surge which hits with 20m instead of 60mil noone can tell me but my critdebuff i hit the boss with gives you 9% more dmg … not it did nothing.

in theory its better having a flat dmg increse like from supports or a flat armor reduction

same like more back and front attack dmg, does not help if you only can hit the boss from the side cause he corners

You guys understand that crit resist affects crit rate not the crit damage right?

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ok where are your facts ?

you talk about facts , present them, you say all my words are pointless ?

for what assumption you think , that your words have more point then mine , if you just use your subjective opinion instead of presenting the diffrence ?

you are pretty agressive against my person , and if there is no point at all why you even write something ?

i just see atm that you have your opinion and assumptions and other optinions and assumptions are pointless ?

is that the way you wanna discuss something

you are right others not ? without real Numbers ?


every class has deminishing returns on crit chance.

Crit resi down =more crit chance - > crit chance has always diminishing returns above 50% exceptions are for every class with increased crit damage - but they also reach a point where crit chance looses value.


Its late and maybe I’ll do some math in the morning but for example if u have 82% crit chance and u add 18% crit rate it probably won’t be 9%dps increase.
And please. For the love of God. Use the right words. Crit chance is never "damage increase of x%“it is an increase in dps which is damage per second.

Every class has deminishing returns because it’s a crit chance.

I see where ur coming from - but still for surge dB crit buff is best Synergie cause u can’t stack enough crit atm. The 18% crit buff or crit resi debuff to be precise is good if its on the boss on every surge. Statistically and by experience u should crit 78 out of 100 surges instead of only 60. If ur crit chance is 60 base what I assume. 18x40mill more should outweight the 6% damage increase from armor debuff.

Super wrong and not a fact at all


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Hello, can you explain why -12% def reduc is always 6% dmg increase? Is it stated in the ingame desc? Ty in advance

I can try.

Let’s say your damage is 200
Boss deff is 100
So u would deal 100 points of damage.

if u reduce the boss deff by 12%
So boss has 88 deff
you deal 112 damage. This is 6% effective damage increase.

If you would increase ur damage by 12% so 200*1,12 your damage would be 224 - 100 deff from boss = 124 damage.

This only works if there is a stat u can decrease.
It works different if there is non like crit resistance.
If the crit resi is 0 and u reduce it by 18% ur 60% crit chance would be 78% crit chance.

Hope this helped.