Criticism and request from one of your disabled players

@Roxx I’d like to address a problem within the game that is causing a lot of issues with overall playability of certain content. I’m one of your players, who unfortunately has lost the use of my left hand. That being said, as a hardcore gamer my entire life, I’ve managed to navigate through most games by one means or another. Lost Ark in general has been a fairly good experience so far, I’m almost at 2k hours and have reached 1490 on my main. One of my main issues and problem with the game is the inability to rebind certain keys, I’m looking at you “G”. I can roll my left wrist and hit a few keys with my left thumb, that along with a mouse with several hot keys has let me play the game and not appear brain dead to my fellow players. My question on this matter is why do we not have the ability to rebind every control in this game? There are several hotkeys that are locked and cannot be rebound.

Additionally, typing challenges…I realize I’m in the insane minority, they’re impossible and gatekeep the content. The Clown raid, I was looking forward to this challenge as well, guess not…cannot move with mouse in the “Mario” phase and need to use arrow buttons (again, they cannot be rebound). No Clown content for this player.

Obviously I’m expecting that none of this will change as it doesn’t effect 99.9% of the player base, I’m just trying to shed some light on the challenges myself and maybe some others might be having with the content. I love the game, its amazing, I just wish the interface was friendlier to my situation. Unlocking all the keybinds and allowing the mouse to control all movement in the game doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request, just some food for though. Thanks for the time and consideration.


If you can get a 12 button Razer or Logitech mouse - the software for the mouse should let you bind whatever you need. Hope that helps. Sorry this sounds like a bummer situation.

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I rebound the “mouse5” key on my mouse to be “g” in the mouse program, others prefer “MWHEELUP” and/or “MWHEELDOWN” FOR SUPER FAST “g” 's… not sure if you have done that or something similar, just an idea

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actually it does
many people don’t necessarily enjoy the mini games that are intentionally annoying

unfortunately, Mario, Booba typing, walking in a circle gates, pac man…all things that have 100% nothing to do with optimizing how you play your class is intentional and part of the game.
I believe this crap dies down in Gates 1-3 Breshalza

Least with gates 5-6 for the most part they took that crap out
From what I’ve seen in Akkan too
no more stupid out of the box minigames just you and the boss like how it should be


there are programs that can forcibly rebind stuff from your keyboard.

I recommend checking those out, could be useful-

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I have full use of both hands, and would also like the ability to rebind more things.

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